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Creative writing - A story of ambition.

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RAVINOFF A STORY OF AMBITION It was a long, dark Alaskan night. The huskies were howling, they must have found a rabbit warren or something. Dmitri Ravinoff was sitting by the fire in his small hut in the Aleut islands of Alaska. Dmitri was an Aleut. He was a Russian Aleut from the Kamchitka that had gone to Alaska to discover the land of his ancestors. Aleuts are strong, well built people who hunted sea lions and whales for a living, or simply so that they can eat something. Dmitri wanted more than this from his life though. He wants to be remembered forever for doing something that would change the world. Since his father died in Afghanistan three years ago he has been bored. Spearing the deer just isn't as fun without his father as a hunting partner. His father taught him everything he knew, before he left to join the Russian army attacking Afghanistan. Mother Russia. How pathetic it was that it couldn't even take a small country like Afghanistan. Russia needs glory, respect, and a sense of pride. Dmitri may be an Aleut by blood, but he is Russian at heart. Alaska. How great it would be under Russian rule. ...read more.


Apparently, this army could be found somewhere in Tajikistan, fighting against some anti-Russian guerrillas, and according to some people, getting slaughtered. It took them a few weeks to get to the Russian-Kazakhstan border, but it was quite easy. There was no-one asking them where they were going, and food is, not surprisingly, very easy to catch when you have a band of seven trained killers. They had all decided against going through China, mainly for the obvious reasons like Communist rule etc. The border was, however, hard to cross. They were forced to go through the mountains, which weren't too hard, but Oleg got hypothermia. The group rested for a while in a village near the mountains. The people in the village were nice, and even provided them with cooked meat and good alcohol. After a few weeks they heard that Ivan Ravinoff would be in a nearby town soon, on his retreat from Tajikistan, so they made their excuses and left. They got to the town easily, there was a half decent road to it and they even managed to hitch a lift on a truck convoy carrying something to the town. Dmitri suspected it was weapons for someone, as no one needs model aeroplanes on this scale, even if there is a shortage! ...read more.


"I'll have no part in it. It's crazy! Dmitri will inherit the leadership of this army when I die, you'll just have to wait or find someone else." "Why? Mother Russia needs glory! You're doing pathetically here! You're being slaughtered!" Vadim shouted, "You could be glorious! If you help us, all of Russia will praise you!" "No! I will not do it!" Ivan shouted back. "Then you must die!" Dmitri shouted, while grabbing the letter opener and shoving it into his father's throat. "Why?" Ivan managed to mouth while blood was pouring out of his neck. "For everything you have done to me! You must die for your sins! You were never my father! You killed him didn't you? My so-called uncle? He was more of a father than you ever were!" "I'm sorry..." Ivan croaked out with his last breath. "I lead this army now! Let's go tell everyone the good news! People will remember us! Russia will be glorious!" WILL DMITRI KILL THE AMBITIOUS SERGEI? WILL THEY TAKE ALASKA FOR RUSSIA? WILL THE AMERICANS JUST SLAUGHTER THEM? WILL THE ARMY FIND OUT WHAT DMITRI DID? WILL THEY CARE? WILL MOTHER RUSSIA RUN OFF WITH THE MILKMAN AND LEAVE FATHER RUSSIA TO RAISE THE KIDS ALONE? WHAT WILL THEY HAVE FOR TEA? WILL I EVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON... RAVINOFF! English Dr. Thorn (NT) Thomas Bleasdale 3R ...read more.

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