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Creative Writing. Beneath the Clouds

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´╗┐Beneath The Clouds I was writing letters, letters to nowhere. Those letters were pools of hope, loaded with never-ending longings for them. Were they still staying beneath the clouds? Sea of sombreness was drowning me. When the darkness triumphs, I couldn’t escape, and I couldn’t help but weeping, sadly…         Warm matutinal breeze caressed my freezing cheek. I could feel the tenderness and taste the sweetness in the air. I was fresh out of Kyoto University, holding a diploma in law, hoping earnestly that someone would employ me right after my graduation at the well-known university in Japan. I strolled past the cherry trees, blossomed with light pink. Under those shadows, I saw many faces painted with happiness, smiles traced up their mouths and laughter that filled up the air. They were just simply, felt contented and happy. Pang of loss struck my heart, feeling of loneliness crawled up my body. I had an urge to cry, but I fought back my tears. I could not break down at this moment, at least, not now, I told myself. I let out a deep sigh and sauntered towards the railway station. Where are you now? Where are you? I stared into the bright sky, as if there would be an answer. How I miss you, terribly... ‘Pleased to meet you here, lady Tomoyuki. ...read more.


His eyes froze me to death. ‘Get away!’ he bellowed. I smelled the wine’s, he was drunk.  Gran’s eyes blurted out with disbelief, ‘you shan’t treat her that bad, she’s your …’ ‘Gimme a chance please, I’ll help you out in the company,’ I pleaded and clutched his sinewy upper arms to show my sincerity. SLAP. Silence shattered.  I then felt a sudden scorching pain and tears started streaming down my face. Concern lining his brows but soon faded. His eyes darkened, his face contorted, his fists clenched tight, smouldering hatred. Why? I could not fathom. Why did he treat me like this? He was my only brother! Papa, how I miss you! You promised that he would protect me when you are not here! Piqued by sorrow, I ran off the house. Gran was shouting my name until her voice was being buried in the deep snow, unheard. Where are you now? Papa, Mama, please come home! I want four of us leading a happily-ever-after life together; I want the time to flick back; I need both of you!         Do you remember the time we were on the deck, staring into the night sky lit up with diamonds? Do you remember the time we were still in Malaysia, cycling up the low hills and stony gullies, pushed back up the slope, arriving at the top hot and breathless? ...read more.


I am sorry, my Laura… I am so sorry. I guess I would not be able to see you again; I am somewhere else with Papa and Mama. Please do not grieve over my death; I did not deserve your love. Wish you happy, my little sister.                                                                                                        Xavier Tears flushed down my face. My pitiful parents, Xav, my brother…Why didn’t I contact him these few years? I thought he detested me… Brett then walked beside me, stroked my hair, and gave a gentle kiss on my forehead. I gazed into his twinkling eyes; I saw them shining with infinite hope, I looked up to the sky; I saw birds soared along beyond boundaries. Every cloud has its silver lining. Beneath the clouds, I still have him, my agreeable husband, and a lovely son by my side supporting me. My Brett, my haven, my safe harbour. I knew he would be with me through thick and thin, and guide me on the road of my life wherever there is darkness.                                                                   ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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