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Creative writing - Birth.

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Steve sat next to Tim with a small, permanent grin on his face. His life was finally back on track. Three months and he had managed to stay clean. It was a real achievement, something to be proud of. Not to mention the fact that he was waiting for his fianc�e to give birth to his first child. If he wasn't so thrilled with himself, Steven might have noticed that there had been no communication with any of his girlfriend's doctors of midwives for at least two hours. It wasn't something you paid attention to when you were glowing with joy at your own accomplishments. Steve and Katie's friend Tim, however, was not drunk on his own pride. He had noticed that the sun was rapidly setting, and the new addition to the Davies family hadn't yet made their grand-entrance to the world. The pair were not left on their own for much longer, however. A solemn-looking doctor flung the swinging doors at the other end of the corridor open infront of him and, in giant strides, approached the pair hurriedly. He was clutching a brown clipboard in his hand, his knuckles white and his brow furrowed. "Mr. Davies?" The doctor stopped infront of Steve and took a step back, inviting him to stand. "Yes," admitted Steve with a smile, "what's the news?" The doctor clenched his jaw and wiped the back of his hand across his forehead. ...read more.


Despite losing one of his favourite customers a few months earlier, there was no shortage of junkies to help Campbell pay the bills. Steven had been so happy when he realised he no longer needed Thomas Campbell and the substance he sold. But now there was nothing to be happy about. There was no reason for him to be alive anyway; Katie was the only reason he hadn't taken his life a year before, and now she had gone. Together they were going to raise their baby, together they were going to help people like Steven when they had no one left to turn to. He couldn't take the pressure. Leaning heavily against a damp alleyway wall, Steve began to cry. He had been there for ten minutes, shaking with sorrow. He had made up his mind though. He wasn't going to go back to the way things were. He was going to make Katie proud of him; he was going to be strong. Just as he turned away, Thomas Campbell flung open the door of his 'house' and beckoned Steve inside with a sickening smile. Tim was starting to get worried. It had been almost an hour now. Sure, his friend was famed for his huge appetite, but surely he wouldn't be able to eat that much at a time like this. Suddenly it dawned on him. He was at Thomas's. ...read more.


He called into the dark, turning down streets he didn't know in the hope of finding his friend. "Steven!" He didn't know where he was. He had no clue where to find Steve. He had to keep searching. After a problem-free labour, Katie Winters had given birth to a healthy baby boy. "Can you send my fianc� through, please?" It felt as though he had searched down every street in the city. Panting, Tim leant against a car to try and catch his breath. It was then he saw him. "STEVEN!" He called, running towards the shadowy figure that was crouching on the other side of the road. "Steven! You idiot! Katie's fine! She was going in to labour when I left!" Steve struggled to his feet. He could just make out what Tim was saying. He broke from his stupor and began to amble across the road towards his friend. He reached halfway before there was a flash of white light. A speeding car had just turned down the quiet street. Steve turned towards it and froze. There was a screech of brakes and then nothing. He was thrown into the air and rolled off the bonnet of the car, which sped away as quickly as it had come. Tim rushed to the middle of the road and knelt by his Steven's side. "Somebody called an ambulance!" He screamed, though he couldn't hear himself. Steve reached out for Tim's gloved hand and squeezed it. The faint call of ambulance sirens rang out through the night. Steven looked up at Tim, smiled, and fell back to the ground. ...read more.

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