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Creative writing - Castle of The Creepers

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Dung, dung, dung, the clock tower screamed, the sound it let out was a catching tune, that filled the air for miles around, like the roar of a football stadium- the home team scoring. After the mysterious echo had vanished, a deadly silence loomed, deadly silence had fallen; the storm was just beginning to brew. The rich, silver-lined, 50p like full moon shone through the pitch black night sky, outlining the edges of the elderly castle. A misty, gray fog passed across the sky, twisting around the chilling, ice filled breeze, finally raveling itself like a fishing cord in a crows nest around the clock tower spear, creating an eclipse effect onto the musty, soggy old castle, the moon had then been eliminated. Across boggy dampened marsh and up the mountain side the silhouette of a proudly prince like stood wolf was clearly visible at such a distance, AWOO it cried to attract it's friends, then scent of humans rode across the winds, the humans had invaded wolf town. The chilling howl made Janice's, Tom's and Walt's neck hair stand on end; the fright of a hundred bats flapping their way out of the crevices in the old derelict castle made it lie back down, then, the school of bats worked their way across the baron land, their home disturbed by un-wanted guests. ...read more.


"Walt you'll have to be very careful on this expedition, you are very clumsy and this castle is not very strong," Tom pointed out, "OK, I understand." Janice then lead the way up the stairs and then something caught her eye, "Stop!" she said with great intensity, "Go back down." What she had saw was the glowing embers on the huge sky scraper like fire place in the main living room in the west section of the castle. The light has pocked through a whole in the damp wall which was being held up by only the small nails use to secure the wood paneling. "Whoa, I think this place is definitely haunted, that fire is still glowing!!" Tom explained, "I want to go now please," he whispered again in Janice's ear. She turned around and stared him down, thinking how pathetic he looked, she kept her feelings to herself and her eyes, big brown eyes, turned very small with anger, Tom took the hint. "Are we going now?" Walt blurted "Yes, and remember, watch where you stand," replied Janice. The adventure had began once again, and they weren't turning back for anything, almost anything. ...read more.


Ten minutes pass, it seems like hours for Tom, lying wishing his life away, praying that he'd wake up and end the nightmare, but it was all so very, very real. Janice is about to give up, tired and hungry she decides to head back to Tom. Then she bums into something, it was solid metal, six feet tall, a statue, of a soldier, with a huge silver sword. Janice sees she can use the sword, as a leaver to prize Tom out of the floor. She pulled and pulled, eventually she got it free. Making she sure didn't fall, Janice raced back to Tom. "I've got it," she said, "Got what?" Tom replied "A sword, I can prize you out!" "OK give it a go, I'm going to die anyway!" Janice was shocked at his attitude, she hope it wasn't for real, a kind of spur of the moment thing. She also hoped she didn't let him down, could she save him. She edges the sword down a tiny gap between the floor and Tom's leg which was now smaller and drained of blood. She gently pushed down on the sword, the floor collapsed, Bang!!! Tom fell to the room below, he did not move. Was he dead? Was he alive? Could Janice save him? It didn't look good for Tom... 1 Brian Moss 9LW English creative writing essay. ...read more.

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