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English Coursework Her body was limp, numbly draped across the sofa. Shadows crept around the dark dreary room like cats stalking their prey. The room was motionless; everything lay still, as if dead. The cigarette she held in her hand smoked gently upwards as if being sucked up by an imaginary black hole. The chaise-lounge she lay upon looked ghostly white, never having been touched by unclean hands. The letter was still in contact with her right hand. The letter she had received from who she thought was her mum. The letter that brought her, already shattered world, crashing down before her eyes. The letter enclosed a deep sense of emotion. It changed her whole past. Everything was different now. 'I'm sorry' the letter began. 'I know I should have told you earlier. You've called me mum for all these years but I'm not who you think I am.


Why hadn't anyone told her about this? Would she have ever found out if it wasn't for her real mum's death? As she looked around the dark and smokey room, she wondered what it would be like to meet up with her mum again. She sat in deep thought. Wondering what lay ahead of her in this strange and mysterious world she now lived in. She lay her elegant figure down on the sofa and reached for the damp, crusty cigarette packet that lay on the floor. She slowly lifted the lid of the packet and was reaching for the last cigarette. Just one more she thought. One more won't kill me. I'll give up after this. I promise. She lit the cigarette and took a long deep drag. What would it be like if she was to see her real mum again? Would it be any different?


Ash slowly dropped onto the vodka bottle which lay below her. The room grew colder and darker; a strange emotion fell upon the room. It felt stiff and uneasy, a cold breeze rushed through the room, and she started gasping for air as if an imaginary ghost was strangling her. She started to panic, her bright blue eyes darting round the room. She opened her mouth to shout for help but not even a whisper escaped from her tightly sealed voice box. Her chest started getting tighter around her lungs. Even though she had wondered what it would be like to see her mum again she wasn't ready to leave this now alienated world. She wanted a second chance, to do things better. She inhaled her last breathe and prepared to leave this world, her head fell against the chaise-lounge. The room suddenly felt calm and peaceful everything lay still as if dead except this time everything was dead.

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