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Creative Writing Coursework : Armageddon

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Creative Writing Coursework : Armageddon The room was dim. The stone walls were damp and cold. In fact, the entire place was damp, the floor and the ceiling; the place was a dump. The smell of damp, urine and excrement was present, there was another smell lingering too, an unusual smell. It was the sickly stench of dried blood. In the room five men were seated around a large table, glaring at each other. Brandon Cole walked through the darkness. After finishing work he had decided to take the short route home. Brandon wrapped his arms around him. It was cold. The sound of Brandon's footsteps echoed through the narrow road. Brandon could see nothing - it was pitch black, he squinted to try and see through the darkness. Brandon continued walking down the stone road, he felt something squelch beneath his feet, he muttered irritably to himself and grabbed his lighter from his pocket. He flicked the lid back and the lighter burst in to light, like a tiny explosion. The small flame did hardly anything to improve Brandon's vision against the darkness. Brandon bent down placing the lighter by his foot, squinting again. The smell hit him and Brandon recoiled quickly, the smell invaded his nostrils and for a fleeting second Brandon thought he was going to vomit. He spoke out loud 'Bloody dogs, crapping everywhere' he placed his foot down on the floor and began scraping it, wiping away the filth. Brandon stopped and pulled a cigarette from his pocket pushing it between his lips. He lit it and inhaled deeply, he left it a second then breathed out a long stream of silvery blue smoke. Brandon began walking again, he turned a corner and heard a small noise behind him, and Brandon spun around quickly. Probably that flaming dog, he thought. As Brandon turned back he saw the figure standing before him, saw it lunge forward, felt it bite his neck. ...read more.


Beth, Brandon - do not be late! Your Master Boran. Beth looked at Brandon and he saw tears streaming down her cheeks, he swallowed hard and pointed at her stomach. Beth looked down. The words had disappeared. Tyler looked around the room and noticed it was fully metal. The fluorescent lights cast a cold, bright glow over the room. The room was big, as Tyler paced the room he could hear his footsteps hitting the cold, metal floor. He looked at the group of men standing before him, he didn't know any of them but that didn't matter. Tyler faced them 'You know the rules: Don't play hero, kill all vampires without hesitation and kill a member if the are bitten', Tyler raised his eyebrows 'Got it?' he said. The five men all said 'Yes sir' at the same time. Tyler ran an eye over each of each of them, checking they were properly equipped, Tyler nodded approvingly, there were no faults with any of the men. Tyler grabbed the four wooden steaks that lay on the table, his gun that was also on the table, fifteen boxes of ammo and a large silver samurai sword that hung on the wall. Tyler sucked in a deep breath and lowered his gaze, looking at his feet. 'Let's go' he ordered, a note of determination in his voice. But there was something else in his voice too Fear Maybe? Tyler felt his stomach somersault and shut his eyes for a brief second. He reached for the door. Boran opened his eyes and looked at his watch, it was 6:17pm, he had to prepare, he had to see who was willing to join his army. Boran rubbed his eyes, he had dropped off for a short time, he was still worrying about the vampire hunters, Boran feared for what might happen. Boran realised what he had to do, the task would be difficult but he must do it. ...read more.


The thought hit Tyler suddenly and he gasped. He bent down at the body of Boran and pushed his hand in to Boran's bloodied pocket. Nothing. Tyler walked over to Matthew and searched his pockets; inside one of the trouser pockets was note, it was written in blood; Tyler smiled at the words scrawled on it. I AM A TRAITOR. I AM SORRY! -ANON. Tyler knew it was the same man. The guy had been a right hand man and a traitor. Tyler laughed. The man who he had first shot and killed had actually helped him. Tyler heard movement behind him and raised his gun, ready to fire. The members of his own party came from the shadows 'Hey Sir. We dived back here when you nearly shot us. Sorry.' Tyler laughed and walked off. One word boomed through Tyler's mind. Armageddon. The body of Beth Cole lay on the operating table. She, like many others had died when the darkness had come. Beth was different though. She had been pregnant. When the doctors had found her a case had taken place, Beth was hooked up to a life support machine to keep her baby alive. Although her brain was dead technology could keep her body working normally. She had been lying on the bed for two months and the doctors had taken tests that showed the baby would be perfect. The tests had proved to be right, the baby had been born less than thirty minutes ago and it was fine. Beth Cole had given birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy. The doctors were stood around Beth's bed waiting for the leading doctor to pull the plug that would stop her body from working, finally he did. The body of Beth Cole was taken the morgue. Her baby lay in his incubator waiting for attention. More tests needed to be run on him and he could not wait for those to be completed. He was thirsty and wanted only one thing, he wanted to taste the sweet flavour of human blood. The baby began to cry. ...read more.

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