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Creative Writing Coursework : FATe

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Creative Writing Coursework : FATe A sharp, bitten October wind disturbing the sunset coloured autumn leaves on the distraught ground, making a persistent sound in his ear. It was one of those indescribable determined winds, which blows in all directions. "What a beautiful view" Dirk pondered to himself. It was such a great feeling to see his house getting closer as he clambered across the road, getting excited at the prospect of placing his key in his front door. Hearing the comforting mechanic sounds of the key turning in the lock as the farmhouse door opened. For one moment Dirk slipped into a state of solitude and complete Karma his neck muscles relaxed so much his head slumped towards the ground. His eyes closed tightly, unwilling to see his head crash into the street, praying that the pain would not last long, if at all. His eyes were jerked open by the fact that his chin had just slammed into the ground. Pulsated pains shot though his upper body making him realise that he would not be allowed to die that easily. He would have to make more of an effort than just allowing his neck muscles to relax. ...read more.


Dirk blinked his eyes, wishing that it were his over worked mind producing mirages in front of him. It was not. Once he opened his eyes from the quick blink more and more specks of grey started to appear. It as that type of effect a flash does to your vision after staring down the lens when a picture is taken. Grey fragments rained down on the yellow lines in their masses. Unable to focus on the grey any longer, his eyes malfunctioned, Dirk raised his head, forcing the muscles he had relaxed only minutes ago, to work again. He let his eyes follow the horribly imperfect yellow lines to their destination. Dirk felt like screaming when he saw that the lines curved into all encompassing blackness. Unable to look at the horrid sight any more Dirk forced himself to look behind him. For a moment his hopes rose when he saw a lone streetlight, shining a welcoming light into the world. Dirk caught himself in mid sigh when he realised that the light was a hoax, a way to tease people into believing that happiness existed. Dirk saw that beyond the glorious 'white beacon' was nothing but another all encompassing darkness. ...read more.


He was content, happy and for the first time in the incident relaxed, a white light passed though him. The man driving the car leaped out, not really comprehending what he had just done. He looked at the disfigured, broke, cold body, the puddle of blood forming around the bitten man. The driver wasn't quite sure and at this point, he really didn't want to examine the body, but he thought the dead man before him was actually smiling. Dirk looked content, his eyes fixated on the lights, a cut, deep from the back of his ear to his lip ran blood onto the ground. The driver's head swung frantically, searching for some sort of help, but he found none. Momentous emotions shook the person. He was uncomfortable, tight bodied. All he saw was blackness. Distressed, he looked for some sign of life, and his eyes focused on the lone street lamp, the lamp that offered a small sign of hope. A cold sweat covered his face seeping though his clothes. His blood stained shoes traipsed along the black ground. He began to race towards that light, hoping that there was more behind that light instead of the overwhelming blackness that surrounded it. Immersed within nothingness, entrapped, scared, unaware. Darkness shrouded him, nowhere to go ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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