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Creative Writing Coursework

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Creative Writing Coursework: The trip I lost my heart London. I still remember that day; it was October 11, 2009. My family including my parents, my three younger sisters, and I were going to leave England to come to the United States. I woke up about eight o'clock in the morning, enthralled at the prospect of moving to the United States. After breakfast, I got dressed and walked around to say goodbye to my neighbourhood. Most seemed very upset that we were leaving and a few started crying. I felt heartbroken and devastated that I was going to leave all the great memories behind and start afresh. Some of my neighbours wished me a good life and a better education, some told me keep in touch with them, and it was difficult to stop myself from crying. ...read more.


She looked at me with tears and asked, "Will you come back?" I do not remember how many times she asked me this question. And I always replied with the answer, "Yes, I definitely will." I told her, "After I finish school in America, I will come back, I promise you." It was horrible knowing that I wasn't going to see her again for years. The two of us then went out to have lunch at a restaurant near my house. When we came back, everybody was ready to leave because my Dad wanted to get there early in case we had to do some paperwork. That's when the fact of leaving England really hit home, I was going to leave behind the last 15 years of my life and it crushed me to have to think about it. ...read more.


We had been through the highs and the lows together and I tore me up knowing I was never going to see them, apart from over webcam. We took some pictures and hugged each other the last time. It was time to get into the plane. My Dad called me. "Hurry, son." I quickly gave my girlfriend the last kiss, and then ran into the check in room without turning back. Then I realized my eyes were full of tears. I did not want to let anybody see me crying so I quickly cleaned my face, even though I felt like lying down and breaking down I felt so awful. The plane took off fifteen minutes later. From the plane I looked down to see the land the last time. All the great times and memories came to my mind and once again my eye was full of tears. When I stepped down to the Atlanta airport, I realized that I really had left my heart back in England. Luke Garner 10Pd English ...read more.

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