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Creative Writing - Diary Entry. Oh my God Mum is such a COW!!!

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´╗┐English Assignment 2 Imaginative Writing Sakina Oxley ________________ Thursday, 19th July 2012 Oh my God ? Mum is such a COW!!! I can?t believe she won?t let me go to Sophia?s part tomorrow night. As if I?m going to be the only one from school who isn?t there? they are all going to rip it out of me something rotten! I don?t know why she is being so weird about it all. She and Dad go out most weekends and roll in at all hours, stinking of booze and fags (although she swears blind she has never smoked in her life ? yeah right Mother!!). ...read more.


Anyway, I had to get to the party so that Tom could see how cool I was outside of school ? how could he fall madly in love with me otherwise? Well there I was in Sophia?s kitchen, chatting with the girls and drinking a bottle of blue WKD that her older brother Mikey had got for us, just waiting for Tom to come and talk to me. I had done a pretty good job with my make up and hair and was looking pretty sophisticated and sexy, I had even borrowed Mum?s chicken fillets and my boobs would have rivalled Louise Black?s any day! ...read more.


Mum looked like some kind of wild animal, her hair was a mess, she had come out in her slippers and the look in her eyes told me that I was going to be paying for this for the rest of my life. Without saying another word, she put her arm around my shoulders and steered me out of the house towards the car. I have never wanted the ground to open up and swallow me more. It doesn?t matter if I am now grounded for the rest of my life or she sends me off to Hogwarts, I am too embarrassed to face anyone ever again. Tom will think I?m a complete loser, he?ll have snogged Louise Black with her big (no chicken filleted) boobs and my life is ruined. ...read more.

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