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Creative Writing - English Language

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Creative Writing English The child ran tirelessly: exuberant and relentless, he drove on, edging nearer and nearer to flailing ribbon tied to the hem of the dress of the girl in front. Bare feet pounded on the scorched, dry mud and uneven grass - that would have normally inhibited his progress in running - he stretched his arms, almost reaching the prize. He scathed the ribbon with his fingertips but the girl snaked to her left, dodging a tree with a slight skip, and was out of his reach once more. The boy cursed at his misfortune and stalled to a halt almost colliding with the tree. He instantly set off again after her in hope to gain ground that he lost. He looked her ahead; her waist-deep hair flowed from side to side almost hypnotically, glinting black diamonds in the noon sun. Her ruby coloured sandals were held firmly in her left hand, bobbing up down and down to the motions of her arm. The boy shook his head; I shouldn't be distracted, he thought, attempting to focus his attention in ending the game. He added a burst of speed and closed the gap between him, the girl and ultimately the ribbon. ...read more.


Velocity tried to pull him in to the ground but at the last moment in vain, he arched his back and with all his might, jumped forward in the air. He momentarily felt the smooth, silky fabric of the ribbon seductively dance against his fingertips and he instantly reacted, clutching his hands together but it snaked playfully out of his grasp and it was gone. Then suddenly, the ribbon stopped moving, as did the girl, and he found himself in a heap of sweat, grass, mud, foreign limbs rasping for a breath. Dry mud was caked on his face, mingling with his complexion, he thought it caused him resemble the dark-coloured children in his class. Above, tufts of arid grass were stuck in his hair; a string of it, clumped together by impact of his fall, was perched comically on the black locks of his hair. It irritability strayed across his eyes making him blink uncontrollably. His hands were dirty but after half a second of deliberating he decided better of it and roughly chafed his hair, shaking any debris out of the unmanageable mess that rested on his scalp. He continued with his face but it only attributed to making him dirtier so left it for the time being. ...read more.


'Watch where you are going, next time. You almost knocked me unconscious, idiot.' She shouted in Arabic. Amir's grin faded, and he scoffed at the remark, jumping on the soles of his feet, he replied in his native tongue. 'Watch where I am going? We're playing a game of Flag and you bloody stop. Who on earth stops!' "Liar, you were falling even before I stopped you dumb -" She suddenly paused, her eyes widened, glistening a new emotion. She staggered a step back as if she was hit by an invisible force and her head reeled side to side in unbelief. 'No' she mouthed over and over again. Amir watched her in confusion wondering if she was possessed by the demon that comes for his mother every so often. He knew it did not attack the young but perhaps it favoured Lydia today. No, it is forbidden, God does not permit such evil, He told himself and banished the thoughts of evil at once. He began to walk to Lydia when she raised her arm to the sky and pointed behind him. 'Look.' She whispered. Amir followed the path her hand set out in the sky with sense of dread. He regretted ever looking: he could see several grey specks in the distance heading in their direction, readily approaching fast. He knew what they were. Life as they knew it was to change. ...read more.

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