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Creative Writing - Feeling so the loss, I cannot choose but ever weep.

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´╗┐Feeling so the loss, i cannot choose but ever weep the friend. Shoulders slumped under the weight of Death's hand, i stood in the cemetry in silence. The tears came thick and fast, as the men lowered her casket into the ground, the mouth of Mother Earth swallowing her child. Eyes swollen with saturated grief, i looked up at the sky, at the dark clouds that shrouded it, and at the crows that sung our loss too the trees, who rustled softly in a sombre sway. The clouds wept a silent rain among the mournful souls that gathered that day, the rain matched the tear stained faces, and left the flowers looking as dead as the body they were decorating. Deep realisation swept through me in sharp waves of pain, and my heart pounded in my chest, reminding me that the hands of time were still moving. ...read more.


Slowly, my legs began too tremble, and i fell to my knees, my head in my hands. Quick, painful breaths got caught in my throat, making me choke. Tears fell onto her grave, smudging the careful ink of a letter addressed too her, wishing her peace in death. The mud on the ground soaked into my trousers, making two patches of grassy moisture on my knees. Carefully, i traced the letters engraved in the white marble stone; V I O L E T G R E E N, R. I. P. She always had a beautiful name, and it was so peculiar. Completly opposite. Violets were purple, and our last name was Green. When she married me, she said she wanted a purple and green dress. ...read more.


Mermories of her flooded my mind, her smell lingered in the graveyard, reminding me of her presence. I felt a cold wind sweep across my wrinkled cheek, which sent a shiver down my spine. I shuddered. Was she here? Could she see how much my heart longed for her? I hoped with all my strength she knew. Now that i was alone, the silence closed in on me. There was nothing. Not even the faint cry of a bird, the rustling of leaves. Just my shallow breaths, my pounding heart, and the cry of sorrow drowing my brain. I rose, took a few steps back, and stared wistfully at her grave. Id do anything too be lying there with you, my love. I said a silent goodbye, and walked towards the cemetry gates. The groaning of old metal pierced the silence, as i shut the gate on my wife. ...read more.

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