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Creative Writing: Football

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Creative Writing: Football Take the greatest feeling you know and multiply it ten-fold and you are still nowhere near to the feeling of a last minute goal in a vital league match. I suppose you have to like football to understand where I am coming from here and indeed to understand this essay, although I think you will understand the essay anyway. Premiership football is the greatest spectator sport in the world. It is the king among kings. Its speed and its passion set it apart from any other league in the world. This is why a Premiership match is such a big occasion in my life. In total I have been to seven Premiership games in my time, and by the end of the season, will have been to two division one games, but none of them could match up to this one. I am a Blackburn Rovers supporter, as loyal as you can get, true blue if you know what I mean. Living in London however, I don't know how this came about. I have been supporting them for as long as I can remember. I think it started off by being bought a jersey, going on to sticking a team poster up on my bedroom wall, and finished off by a sister advising me not to support Tottenham and a granddad advising me not to support arsenal! ...read more.


All this and more happening under the shadow of the huge steel structure. I have been to Wembley, Highbury, Croke Park and le Stade de Francais but White Hart Lane comes out at the top. You give your ticket in the turnstiles then walk up into the stand up huge concrete steps into a corridor, which goes the whole way around the ground. The corridor is mainly grey and concrete with steps leading to the toilets and different parts of the stand. There are television screens bringing us the scores from all the other matches. There are stalls selling food and merchandise. The air in the corridors has a certain crispness to it, which adds to the excitement when you are trying to find the section, and row that you are in. Seeing the stadium from the outside is one thing but to view it from the inside is amazing. As you realise you have found your section and you are walking up the steps, the excitement boils like a hot cauldron of emotion inside of you. Then it hits you. The whole hugeness of it is spectacular. The lush green grass smacks your eyes. The sheer size of the stadium is unbelievable, like the skyscrapers in America, standing out against the sky. The amount of people is unimaginable; to me it seemed like every human male in the world, and half of the females, all in one stadium. ...read more.


I couldn't believe it. The game was restarted and yet another huge roar went up around the ground. They and I honestly thought that the spurs were going to clinch it. Once more attack after attack was heaped on rover's defence. I didn't think we could stand much more, we managed to hold the fort, until the 94th minute when a huge Tim Flower's clearance was flicked on by Chris Sutton to the edge of the area where Shearer got to it, and hit it first time on the half-volley. The ball crashed into the roof of the net past the despairing dive of walker. Such a goal! I couldn't hold my emotions in any longer. I, as well as the travelling Blackburn contingent erupted. The feeling is indescribable; such a rush of adrenaline is unique. I felt part of the team; no, I was a part of the team. I was sitting on the edge of our row, so I jumped out of my seat, unzipped my coat to show off my jersey, grabbed my scarf in two hands, and ran down a couple of steps with my arms held aloft in joy, proud to be a rover. Of course, I got terrible abuse walking back to my seat but it all fell on deaf ears. The referee blew the final whistle straight after that. I remember very little else about that day except that my body was very weary, and thinking, as I still do, that it was one of the greatest days of my life. ...read more.

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