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Creative Writing - Futility

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Futility Tonk. A pair of crows caws angrily as a deftly aimed conker strikes the branch beneath them. Beady eyes track a mop of shaggy brown hair as it bobs, playfully, into the bushes. As it disappears under the foliage, they wing off into the wind, leaving a single, glossy black feather drifting towards the ground below. As the feather approaches the ground, buffeted by the curling wisps of air, it is ignored by the boy. Dressed in a pair of old jeans and a grey jacket, hood hanging uselessly from his back, he looks in his late teens, certainly too old to be playing with conkers in the woods, anyway. He is rummaging around in the undergrowth, searching for more ammunition. There's not many around yet, the few that have fallen are still firmly encased in their spiny shells. Through the bushes comes a gentle gurgling, the inviting noises of a cool, clear brook. ...read more.


Panting, he reaches the top, and drinks in the panorama around him. The forests extend ahead him, fresh and inviting, as the river plummets from the peak of a distant mountain, leaping over cliffs and snaking through valleys in its ultimate path towards the sea. Nearer, it roars below, spraying the rocks and those plants tough enough to survive on the cliffside. He sees a nest, resting on a branch a little way below, and begins to make his way down, ignoring the protests behind him. Slowly, carefully, he inches his way along the ledge until the prize is tantalizingly near, reaching inside to scoop out its contents... Suddenly he is grabbed on the shoulder. His father furious, takes him up and begins to make his way back to the safety of the clifftop, despite the angry screams of frustration of the boy behind him. A hand reaches over the edge to try and help them up, but it is too far, just too far. ...read more.


Why would anyone take him, a lonely teenager searching for the childhood he threw away, over two others who could have made other happy? He's become lost in a mire of remorse, dismissing any and all opportunities he had. Returning home, he hears laughter from the window. Peering through, he sees his father, having dinner with a woman. He's smiling, one of few times since the incident. Suddenly, his shame tightens into a resolve. He carefully places the badge in front of the door, and then stalks back out to the forest. Pushing on and on, as the light fades, for hours, until he reaches the cliff of years gone by. Silently he returns to the edge, and strides over unceremoniously. The height rushes past, until it runs out and the world goes black. The next morning, the father discovers the badge outside his door. He grabs his coat and rushes towards the mountains. As he leaves, a lone crow, perched on the tree nearby, caws his departure to the world. One for sorrow... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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