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Creative Writing - Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

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Creative Writing "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. The time is seven o'clock. We dock at Belfast in approximately half an hour's time. We hope you have enjoyed....." He sat up and rubbed his face. The woman opposite said good morning. He got up and bought himself a plastic cup of tea, tepid and weak, and some sandwiches dog-eared from sitting overnight. It was still dark outside but now the ship was full of the bustle of people refreshed by sleep, coming from the bathrooms with toilet bags and towels, whistling, slamming doors. He sat watching, stale crusts in his hand. He went out to throw them to the gulls and watch the dawn come up. He hadn't long to go now. The man was very anxious and uneasy. It was not difficult to tell he was restless as he was fidgeting and moving about. You see, many years ago this man, named David, lived with his mother, Margaret. His father had died when he was just ten years old. His older brother, Matt, had his own small flat nearby. ...read more.


But for fifteen years there was never any means of communication from his mother. Three years after they moved David and Kelly became happily married. A few years after that, Kelly gave birth to a baby girl whom they called, Kathryn. David had got what he wanted; a charming wife and a beautiful child, in a peaceful environment. All was well until two days ago. David had just arrived home from work when the phone rang. It was Matt. Just as Kelly came in, David dropped the phone. "She's dead." he told her. He explained to Kelly a while after, the heartbreaking news. Two years ago, his mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Treatment had been going well but then her condition suddenly deteriorated and she passed away. David's first feelings were anger and hurt. He was angry with his brother, although he hated her for being racist, he loved her at heart. Why had he not been told before? He knew he had to attend his mother's funeral. If he had known about his mother's illness, he would have came home and tried to make peace with her. ...read more.


David had a hard task ahead of him. With a heavy heart he climbed the stairs to the room where the coffin lay. Alone he went into the room, the coldness and aroma of flowers hit him. Quietly he stood, head bowed, tears flowing silently down his cheeks as he gazed at the lifeless form of his mother. Too late for sorry now. He knelt at the side of his mother's coffin, his heart begging for forgiveness. He tried to tell her of the love he had for his wife. David felt a tap on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw Matt with an envelope in his hand. "Mother left this for you, should you ever return." As David took out the letter his heart thumped fast. As he read the letter asking for his forgiveness for the way his mother had treated his wife, Kelly. It would seem that she too had regrets. David realised life was not always simple. In the letter, his mother begged him to love his family and to treat his children with respect, no matter what they brought to his door. So that he would not die a lonely man, as she had died a lonely, broken hearted mother. ...read more.

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