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Creative Writing - Gothic Horror

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Gothic Horror. I walked cautiously up towards the grand old house, where I read the name aloud 'Hollow Manor.' It had the look of a gothic church with the arched stained glass windows. The doors and windows reminded me of the ancient gothic houses that were so popular in London at the moment. I breathed in deeply smelling wet oak wood reminding me of winter fires and roasting chestnuts. The area was in an old abandoned town by the forest and the old lake, as I went into the house the door creaked open suddenly as if swept by some unseen shadow of a figure. As I ascended through the main archway into the main house, I was me by the sweet smell of fresh baking but, at the same time something deeper like rotting flesh was hidden under the pleasant aroma as if the house itself was human. I soon forgot the smells of the house, when I saw the three gigantic chandeliers and the vast amount of doors all facing into the main hall all made out of willow wood, of which I was fond. ...read more.


disobey my grandfather even if it was by accident, but she also said that she wouldn't tell him, so my secret was safe for now. That night my grandmother hung herself, but the weird thing was that her face was completely distorted and horrible; the coroner also said that she didn't die from the hanging, but she died as if the life was sucked out of her somehow, but there was no blood or anything, she was completely alright, with the exception of her face. The next day at the funeral, something weirder happened, it was as if I could hear her speaking to me, but the only person speaking was the vicar and it wasn't his voice, so who else could it have been? As we left I wouldn't think about it, so I tried to forget, but then I wondered if my grandmother had killed herself because of me or because of what I had said to her about the East Wing library. That night, I had a dream where, I could see my grandmother and she was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't hear what I was. ...read more.


but I just did, he was just standing there and he took me away through the walls of the house into the room where my grandmother had died. I looked around and suddenly, I looked in the mirror and saw me hanging myself and a cut going down my back and then a minute later, I was dead and with a message in my hands. My grandfather was looking for me and then he came in only to see me there hanging from the ceiling and he screamed and burst out crying, then he saw the message in my hand that I had left for him, it read; 'GET OUT OF THE HOUSE IT ISN'T SAFE FOR YOU HERE, GET OUT NOW!' And so the next day, he moved out and had the house destroyed. You may be wondering what happened to me, well my spirit found it's way to heaven and my parents. You may also be wondering what happened to my grandfather well he moved out and had the house destroyed and then about 5 years later he re-married to a beautiful lady and lived happily till the end of his days. And that is the end of the story of Chihiro Kobayashi. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This piece attempts to focus on description at the beginning of the writing but unfortunately this disappears quite quickly and the writing becomes dull and lacks imagination. There needs to be more of a focus on careful planning and executing this plan rather than the telling of the actual story. The reader needs to know more about the characters and settings so they can feel a deeper connection with the story.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 05/09/2013

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