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creative writing."HELP!" she shrieked. The shadow was growing. Was she being followed, in the dark, 17th century mansion

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"HELP!" she shrieked. The shadow was growing. Was she being followed, in the dark, 17th century mansion? Were the rumours of the town being haunted true? These were some of the thoughts Simran was going through, in her rather confused head. Silence, darkness and a smell of fear surrounded the rather chubby figure of Simran, in the long unusual corridor. She could hear every step she made, and every breath she took. Simran was terrified of what might be behind her. She didn't have the courage to look back. Sweat was dripping down her face, like tear drops. Simran felt as if she was being chased by a snake, in the hot and humid, Sahara desert. "AaHH!" Simran screamed, at the top of her voice. There was a long echo. What had made the normally, ice cold, Simran (known as Sim by her friends) scream like that? They were driving the car, towards Delhi airport, on a bumpy Indian, countryside road. The newly wed couple felt as if they were on an African camel, going up and down more times then a yoyo. "How long is it going to take?" Simran politely asked Gurdeep. "Can't you keep your mouth shut for once?" Gurdeep fumed. "I'm sorry Gurpz, can you try not to shout at me next time. I know I'm a stupid little cow, but it's not my fault." ...read more.


Don't worry, everything will be okay." "leave aaa traail babe, and also leave the car keys in my right hand pocket. Be careful, I have heard this is a ghost town." Gurdeep ordered Simran. Simran went off in search of medical help, food and shelter. She was left thinking if this was the last time she would see Gurdeep. She rushed across country roads. It seemed like they had not been used in years. Simran kept a trail of scrap paper as she went. The sun was setting. "I'm sorry Simran. I have lied to you, forgive me." Gurdeep's hand moved away from his chest, where his supposed pain was. His slimy, lanky hands moved to the cars locker. "I'm sorry Simran," Gurdeep shouted in a viciously, sarcastic voice. There was a small grin appearing on Gurdeep's face. Gurdeep got out a black, oversized hat. It was a winter hat that was not needed in the hot humid weather of India. There were three holes in the hat, like the Disney logo. (The Disney logo has two dots at the top, one in the centre of those two dots below) Simran ploughed through some woods, as the derelict road came to an end. She shortly caught sight of a mansion; it was disguised with over grown plants. Simran ran towards the great building. ...read more.


It was the last door Simran opened, before the incident. "Who are you?!" Gurdeep shouted. "I am what I am," replied the person on the balcony. "Come forward at once!" Gurdeep demanded. "No, I will not. I will not listen to you again," replied the woman. "HARPREET!" Gurdeep shouted in rage and confusion. "But errr you werrr wat hahappenedd. Howw arre youu?" "It's not that easy to get rid of me! You thought I was dead. You tried to kill me, you said you loved me!" Harpreet replied. Gurdeep was speechless. He was holding a gun in his hand. Harpreet was also holding a gun in her hand. Harpreet was tall, about 5 feet 11 inches. She had straight black hair. "I did it before you, didn't I? You were going to kill Simran, like you tried to kill me. I killed her. Now it's your turn. You will pay." Simran pointed her black gun towards Gurdeep. She fired. Gurdeep instantly fell to the ground. Gurdeep lay dead. "Well done, you should be acting in Bollywood. What did you do with the tomato ketchup?" Harpreet sarcastically exclaimed. Who was she talking to? Gurdeep lay dead on the floor. Blood was dripping from his heart. The still figure of Simran also lay on the floor. Simran was laying head first on the ground. There was a little twitch in her left leg. The blood-like liquid was still visible on her head. "I know I should. I accidentally dropped the ketchup on my head. I hope you're not angry? " Simran sarcastically replied. ...read more.

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