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Creative writing - I got out of my car and I immediately felt the cool, brisk, autumn wind pounding at my face.

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Short Story I got out of my car and I immediately felt the cool, brisk, autumn wind pounding at my face. As I battled my way towards the entrance, my cheeks and ears were slowly turning pink and beginning to feel a little numb. This was an immense thirty-six-story building, fronted with tall glass doors, which loomed in front of me; I pushed open the doors, took out my pass and slotted it into the scanner. There was a moment's pause before a green light appeared followed by an audible beep. "Good morning Mr. Glendinning," said the security guard. The guard was a beast of a man, 6ft.5" tall, looked capable of going twelve rounds with Mike Tyson and surviving, but he was a very nice man (if he liked you of course). "Morning Kiefer, has Mr. Feldman gone up yet?" "Yes Sir" "Thanks Kiefer, keep up the good work" I headed into the lift and pressed the button marked fifteenth floor. The lift was quite quick to reach its destination, this was a solo ride without any floor stops, there wasn't may people around at 7-30am in the morning. ...read more.


I parked my car and pulled on my overalls and facial mask. I was the only forensic member, but there were many detectives surveying the crime scene. As I entered the house I was faced with a grand double staircase, I made my way up to the first floor. Whilst inspecting one of the bedrooms I noticed a half eaten mars bar, the teeth marks looked likes those made by a small child. I put it into a clear plastic crime bag, and laid it back down where I had found it. The staircase leading up to the attic was not as grand as the entry staircase and I wasn't looking forward to what I would find in this room. I carefully pushed open the attic door, the smell then invaded my nostrils where it remained, long after I had left the house. What I witnessed was absolutely horrific; this time it wasn't a single murder, but three family members. A woman in her early thirties, a boy who looked around five, and a girl of about eight years old, all had been massacred. ...read more.


This is only possible either with the remote control or from the box within the house." "Did you find any clues as to who the murderer might be?" "No, I didn't even find a strand of thread, we're up against someone who knows what they're doing." "I have told the rest of the department and now the whole building knows about what has taken place." "Well, I'll go home and re-look through the old case files from the previous victims, and see if I can piece together anything that I missed before." "Ok, I'll call you if we get any further information or leads." I exited the lift on the ground floor and looked to see where Kiefer was. He was nowhere to be seen, I presumed he must be on his lunch break as it was 12-45pm. I had just set off on my journey home, when my mobile phone began ringing. I pressed the answer button and the hands free kit projected the sound out of the speakers. "Yeah, what's the news Sir?" "Well there has been another murder, at Granville Lodge!" "That is a huge property! Is that not where Kiefer's new friend lives?" Corey Glendinning 10� ...read more.

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