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Creative Writing. I remember everything was calm except for the woman. She was unhappy, screaming

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I saw the bright, happy colours of the playground. The apple green of the meadow, the lively red of the moving seesaw, the sunshine yellow of the swings; these colours still remind me of my childhood and fun, carefree moments spent with my brother under my mother?s watchful gaze. I saw children and parents laughing, smiling, and talking, their children playing games nearby. I remember: one woman ? neat hair, manicured, smart coat, and one child ? small boy, laughing, red coat. ...read more.


The sun glared down from the sky. Shortly after this, everything changed, as quickly as a blink of an eye. I heard a whizz, then another, something zinged past me and into the ground, moving my hair slightly, leaving a pothole behind, a gap where ground used to be. The sky went dark, blackness overwhelmed me, and the bright colours were extinguished. I could hear the happy laughter become panicked screams, the children whimper and cry for comfort. ...read more.


Who was it? I didn?t know, I couldn?t see. I saw that her clothes had been torn, her hair singed, her manicured nails ruined. She was unaware, crying, screaming. Nobody else had made it apart from us. She looked up, our eyes met, I collapsed. The next time I awoke, I couldn?t move. All I could see was a white, tiled, sterile ceiling. I could hear people walking, machines beeping, curtains being moved. I didn?t know where I was. I started panicking, tried to speak but couldn?t ? what on earth had happened? I struggled to remember how I had gotten there. ...read more.

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