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Creative writing inspired by I am Legend. I buried my hands into the steering wheel and slammed my foot onto the accelerator with determination; the car engine roared as if it had come alive, roaring like a mighty lion.

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My name is Robert Neville. I am a survivor living in New York City. I am broadcasting on all am frequencies .I will be at the south streets of sea port everyday at midday when the sun is highest in the sky .if you are out there, if anyone is out there I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I could provide security .if there's any body out there anybody please you are not alone. The sun pierced through the blanket of dark grey clouds covering the city, hitting against the dirty dull plastic that shrouded over the tall buildings which, surrounded the small dark narrow streets of New York. A singular beam of sunlight shone brightly on to ground before me like a spotlight as thought the heavens were searching for me alone. I buried my hands into the steering wheel and slammed my foot onto the accelerator with determination; the car engine roared as if it had come alive, roaring like a mighty lion competing with the wicked wind that howled and screamed. The smell of burning rubber flowed through the cold air and the car flew like a bullet leaving its dark narrow chamber. Roads carpeted with weeds and grass as I began searching but could only hear the distant sounds of animals competing for survival, one sound was notably missing. ...read more.


turning , my heart began to race and began to thump hard as though it had a mind of its own and it was stuck in my throat. I slammed my foot on to the brake as hard as I could and came to a halt, as if it had been ordered to. I put the gear back in to reverse and drove in to the street I had just passed. Opening the car door Sam and I came forward. It was FRED standing there in the silence .After seeing Fred standing there, I was left feeling shocked like the ground beneath my feet had been taken away from me. I had many questions flying through my head. i was so confused I stood frozen in time. I began my interrogation but could only hear the birds singing or where they warning me? Giving me no choice i clicked the gun and shot him many times until he dropped to the ground, I could not take any chances. I proceeded cautiously towards Fred; it was so quiet my every footstep seemed to produce an echo. Sam walked alongside me as well. stepping in to a large puddle I heard a noise. The hairs on my ears began to stand up giving me the sense something was behind me. ...read more.


I was scared and eager to cut it because the sun started to sink and the white skies started to turn black, bring death and fear along with them. In the blink of eye I smashed to the floor screaming in pain. The knife had stabbed me vigorously in my leg. I could feel the hot blood rushing in my body toward the cold blade causing a sharp pain. It felt like as if I was wounded in a battlefield and left there to die. Sam kept licking me showing he was happy to see me near him. Looking at the knife I thought to myself "should I pull it or should I not?" but then I looked back and saw my car. I tried standing up but the knife had me stuck to the ground like as if there was magnetic force between me and the floor.i started to drag myself from place to place but it felt harder than I thought. Sam followed obediently, i turned around and stopped for two seconds. I could see the sun's reflection getting smaller and smaller, indicating that I only had small time to get home or else i would not be able to make it back and be left here for them who crave for me in the daylight in dark and hunt for me at night when the sun has passed away. This is now their world. Shehzad siddique ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

There are some moments of good description in this piece which help to create powerful imagery; however because of the errors that are made at a very basic level this piece would never be able to gain marks at the upper end.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 05/09/2013

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