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Creative Writing Inspired by Praise song for My Mother

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Creative Writing - Inspired by Praise song for My Mother Everyone needs a person to care for them, for me it's my Granddad. I called him Daddy; he was a loving daddy to everyone. But to me he is more than that: he supported me; he cared for me; he taught me and especially he loved me. You could not ask for a better granddad. Every night I slept next to him. I felt the warmth in him, when he hugs me every time we sleep. I hated when he hugs me, but now I long for it. I can remember, the twelfth of May like it was yesterday. I felt sad that day, because it was the day I leave my friends, my house, my country and especially my family. It was time to move to England, where a new life awaits. Daddy knew that I was sad, even though I didn't show my emotions. ...read more.


After he said that, I felt happy that where ever I go, I know my heart will always be with them. After a few hours had passed we got into the airport and checked in our bags immediately. It's the first time I have ever been into an airport, even though the airport was really nice, with all the shops, restaurants and entertainments. It didn't take off the fact that I will not be seeing my granddad again for a few years. When we got into the aeroplane and it started to take off. All I can think about is my granddad and how I will miss him. But I remembered him saying "Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on." When I arrived in England, my parents introduced me to my new friends and got me into school on the very first day. Luckily enough Daddy taught me how to speak English when I was young. He taught me English with and American accent and influence. ...read more.


Tears started to dance of my face. I stayed sitting down doing nothing until the first ray of morning tiptoed through the meadow. Mom came into my room, and seeing me asked me what happened. I didn't reply. On the second time she asked me, I whispered "Mom, Daddy has passed away." On hearing this she was shocked. However managed to calm herself within minutes. Then she went downstairs for a few minutes then came back up. "Pack up" she exclaimed, "We are going back home" I don't remember anything after that. But then I can remember standing in front of my family in the church and about to do a speech. I looked into the paper on my hand, but there is nothing written. Then words started to come out of my mouth, "Daddy, Everyone needs a person to care for them, for me it's you. I could not ask for a better granddad. Daddy you will always be in my heart and my heart will go on and on." ...read more.

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