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Creative writing inspired by "The Jabberwocky"

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The Jabberwocky At last the village was without a doubt at rest after the Jabberwocky was slain by a young boy, who?s bravery had been praised throughout the village. The Village glorified the boy by awarding him with a silver blade that glimmered in the light and flickered the reflection of his eyes that were almost translucent, effulgent, like the palest blue glass, too soft to be turquoise, too bright to be baby blue. As for the Jabberwocky, his head was admired in a glass box which had gold trims around the edges to emphasise the glory that has been given to this small joyous village. As time went by, the boy had now become a man. He was a very handsome; he had eyes like a dream, and was unquestionably charming. As his father was quite old at this time, he handled his family farm, it was very looked after and it looked almost perfect. The farm faced across a eerie forest, having a single glance at the forest gave you shivers down your spine. ...read more.


He had many conscious thoughts to why this may be happening. Many nights he was pertaining to thought about what is happening, he felt the urge to grab his sliver blade and brush his fingers against it. He knew he what he had to do. He gathered a few men who accompanied him to the forest; they had burning torch fires in their hands and a sword in the other. They were ready to face the darkness. They crept up slowly, as they were swooped through the vigorous living organisms. ?Snicker-snack,snicker-snack?, went the Bandersnatch. Its body was like a mutation of several animals combined. The sight of it was speechless, it swung its long neck about and grinded its snapping jaws together, its eyes were white glaze of blindness. There was an irritable nose that seemed to be coming closer and closer. A flaming coloured bird appeared, which was of course the Jub Jub Bird. It was a very exotic creature, which had eccentric feathers and was quite a beautiful creature for something so horrifying. ...read more.


Both the creatures vanished with many of the village children, the villagers were distorted. The sun arisen the next day, many of the villagers were stunned and terrified. They all gathered together inside the small village cathedral and commenced the town meeting. They all thought to themselves what had caused this, and in that moment of time, they realised who started all of this. They started to blame the man for this disaster, he had brought the Jub Jub Bird and the Bandersnatch here and he was going to pay for it. The so called hero was running for his life, as the villagers had flaming touches in their hands. They were screaming at his behind, blabbering hurtful words. He couldn?t help to think about the despair, anger, sadness, he has caused. He knew what he had done was terrible but what else was he meant to do. He ran. He ran like there was no tomorrow. He had nowhere else to go, but back to the forest. He stumbled on his two feet back into the dark forest. His hands were shaking from fear. The smell of blood was clear, very clear when he saw the bodies of children. ...read more.

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