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Creative Writing Inspired By The Partition Of India.

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By :Xeneb Shah Year 10 C Word Count :1,760 I looked at her one last time. Her narrow oval face still did not have one wrinkle. Her smooth skin was glowing .Her auburn hair streaked with woven strands of silver was tied in a neat bun. Her thin lips were still chapped with lipstick as she was being buried. . Many thought of her as a soft spoken lady who loved her grandchildren. Others who were closer to her thought she was proud and arrogant. Only a few really knew her I like to think I was one of them. I knew she was a lot different than most people. I would always make fun of her when she would randomly start talking to pictures around the house, or when she would ask me to bandage her hand because it?s bleeding and there would be nothing there. I always wondered why she would tell us stories where everyone would die. I had never seen her any different I figured this was the way she had always been. I never knew she had a completely different life before the partition of 1947 which changed many lives in both Pakistan and India including hers. This part of her personality was a mystery to me right until I read her diary and I finally understood why she was so eccentric. ...read more.


to look like I was not scared but in reality I was petrified .My grip on my father?s old rifle got stronger .I looked up hoping whoever it was, was not as scary as I imagined them to be it was my old Hindu gardener I could see the pain in his eyes. His voice sounded all torn up when he told me ??Do you really think I would ever hurt you, I have held you ever since you were born I heard your first words, He couldn?t continue his voice was getting lower as though he was choking. I went with him. My trust on humanity would have been shattered if an angel in disguise wouldn?t have helped me escape from that horrific place. There were so many things I never knew about her yet I had visited her small cosy house almost every weekend since I had been able to crawl. However there was one thing most of us knew but never thought it would have affected her so much. Her moving from India to Pakistan at the time of the partition .It was a lot more traumatic for her then we had known. I could only imagine how scared and sad she would have felt to leave her beautiful mansion and move to a completely new country with almost no money. ...read more.


She would sit in a corner and rock back and forth telling us they were gone. My sisters and I considered my grandmother a stand-up comedian. But now I feel so bad, no one in my family ever took my grandmother seriously even though she was beautiful with her oak green eyes which could pierce through your skin. Her thin lips were always red as a rose and she took good care of herself, in fact at times She seemed like your everyday grandmother but then , the closer you got to her the more you realised how unearthly she was. Just like a fictitious character arrived from an 18th century classical novel. She was a very introvert character who preferred staying secretive mysterious and most of us just thought she was a drama queen who craved attention.Infact until before I read this diary that was what I thought. But now I realised how strong this woman actually was. I regret not taking her seriously and thinking she was a lunatic. This diary revealed an entirely new character that was hidden from us. This part of her life was a closed book until I had read this diary. “The Mad Hatter: Have I gone Mad? Alice: I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” â Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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