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Creative Writing - Isolated.

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Creative Writing Isolated It was our lucky day our class had been awarded a first class trip to Indonesia and it was not the best of days. We had to fly out but still who cares about the weather a first class trip to Indonesia what a huge opportunity. I was shocked. When I was told the plane was crashing down over the Philippines I was even more shocked. When I realised that I was alive and so where the other boys I was overjoyed, but when I realised no adults were alive I felt a queasy feeling in my stomach, as I searched the island. I was isolated on an island where there was fortunately fresh water. Food was not a different matter. We were very lucky; it was like something out of a film. I was surprised at the amount of fruit and veg growing on the trees. We also had lots and lots of animals. Tamed animals that just walked freely. It was paradise, the water was as blue as the sky and the fruit and veg was as ripe as in any farm. The fruit was fresh and animals were there as companions and if it was necessary we could use them as meat. We treated the animals as pets at first but as time grew on and people began to split and things changed. When we first reached the island we all got together and Ghulam and I both stood up we were both quite big boys but we both had a sense of responsibility. I first decided that we should split into groups for the few days. This was because there was a lot to be done so we could all do separate things. Ghulam interrupted and decided that he and a few fellow Muslims should fetch the meat. They said that it should be cut halal. ...read more.


As I got up and asked him all the details the one thing I forgot to ask him who it was. Then as he walked to tell the others, I shouted who was it. He shouted and told me something that made me think and wonder whether it was time for me to get involved. I thought now if he's dead I must get involved. So I made my way to the other camps to announce the reported death of Akeel. I firstly decided to inform the Muslims of Akeel' death. I made my way to camp and I walked in I was stunned and mesmerized by the site I saw. There were a good ten boys all on their knees praying. This was not surprised me. I saw Ghulam sitting in a chair in front of them reciting prayers. He was not like a man who reads prayers he sat as a divinity and an idol. I walked forward and stood next to Omraiz who was standing to like watch over these sheep that followed their Shepard. I whispered into Omraiz ear and told him he then went forward like a servant and gave Ghulam the news and within a few minutes Ghulam had rapped up the session. Ghulam spoke to me as if he was a man of immense significance. He told me that he would act upon it straight away and I had a feeling that he was not as distressed or distraught than I would of expected him to be. He seemed so composed and serene I thought that something was wrong he had a certain look in his eyes. I knew that they were eyes of rage it pupils had swollen up and he seemed angry but not upset. I thought to myself something is off beam. I knew that Ghulam was hiding something. Ever since I was young I was good at telling whether something was wrong. ...read more.


We then used all our resources to gather wood and anything flammable. We were looking to make a fire to burn everything and hoping that if out calculations were correct whether or not an aeroplane would pass over our heads. We set fire to everything and decided to burn the whole island, which was a do or die situation. We prepared for the burning and decided to take precautions, I left it to Pritesh to get the 2 sides together. I told him to do what he could, he decided to stir up a fight and so we would have both sides in one place. We waited and as much I protested to Pritesh he said it was the best idea to have them all in one place and the fire would go off. Hopefully the fires would attract helicopters then we would be saved. I had them all in one place and Pritesh was with the rest of the boys. I set the fire alight and it all went to plan except about 200metres from the boys was a barrel full of explosives. I had to stop them from exploding before they reached the other boys. I ran across the island I saw the helicopter, I knew I didn't have enough time to stop the explosives. I knew the helicopter was landing so I knew we were saved so out of thought to others I jumped on to explosives. The helicopter had landed on the island and everyone was saved and the feud had been stopped and we had all been saved. As they called for back up, I could feel the blood seeping out the huge whole in the stomach and when I looked down I knew I wasn't going to survive. I looked and smiled at the boys. Ghulam and Kevin looked normal and I knew, which I hated, that they would act as if nothing had happened. I wished as I could feel my life being ripped away by the grim reaper himself I passed out and wished that someone spoke up of the islands events. ...read more.

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