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Creative writing - It was supposed to be a great adventure, searching for lost pyramids, jewels and crowns.

Extracts from this document...


CHAPTER 1 It was supposed to be a great adventure, searching for lost pyramids, jewels and crowns. But I would eventually find out that this holiday wouldn't be a dream, it would be a nightmare. I ( Reevo Companee ) am an archaeologist and I was told to go to Egypt to look for some lost ruins in a strange place which not many people had visited before. My friend and co-worker, Juliano Abriati was also coming on the trip to Egypt. This would have to be a great trip, wouldn't it? Sooner or later, we would find out. The day had come, we were going to Egypt! I met up with Juliano and we got ready to set of. " Well it's going to be a good trip isn't it Reevo ". Juliano said. " Yeah, it's gonna be hard work looking through the hot soil and boiling weather ". I replied back to him " Come on Reevo. It's a holiday, lets enjoy ourselves ". We kept on talking about how great the trip would be, even though it was an assignment for work. But their was a feeling in the back of my mind which told me that this trip might not be as good as I thought. It was going to be quite a risky job because their was tales that the place was a mysterious place and not many people had been their to explore the strange land. These comments, which I had read, send shivers down my spine. But I took it as a joke, I didn't think it was serious. The plane suddenly started to stutter and it sped down the runway then took of to Egypt. CHAPTER 2 It was an easy and combatable trip to Egypt. After a good long rest I was ready to get to take on the challenges of Egypt. I got outside and walked out onto tarmac and I could smell a dusty environment. ...read more.


It made a 'ting' sound again. So I kept on digging and then suddenly I saw something, I couldn't believe my eyes, CHAPTER 5 " Juliano, come quick, I found something amazing! ". I shouted out. He came running towards me. I kept on digging around the strange object. What I had found was amazing, I couldn't believe what I had found. " I'm going to rich ". I thought to myself. While I was daydreaming, Juliano got to me, he huffed and puffed then said, " What have you found ". " Look in that hole ". I said to Juliano. " What is that? ". " I'm not sure ". I dug further. " Look at that Reevo, it looks like a kind of gravestone ". Juliano said in excitement. " But why is it a kind of bronze colour ". I replied. " I don't know, but who cares. With this, we will be rich! ". I looked carefully at the gravestone. It had some Egyptian Hieroglyphics and didn't have any kind of English Literature. It had a picture of a monster at the top and at the bottom of the stone, it was also in the shape of a gravestone and it was covered in a kind of bronze varnish. " Look at that picture Juliano ". I said. " Hey, I know that picture ". Juliano shouted out. " Where from? ". " That statue that I found ". " Have you got it with you ". " Yeah, here it is ". Juliano gave me the statue. It was the same as the picture. " I know what that is, it is a minotaur ". I said. " A minotaur? ". Juliano replied. " Yeah, that mythological creature that is half man, half bull ". " Oh, that minotaur. Reevo, why do you think it has a picture of a minotaur on the stone? ...read more.


" Hit him Juliano! ". I shouted, while running from my death. Juliano grabbed his shovel and threw it at the minotaur's leg. It made a loud 'thwack' sound. The minotaur cried in pain and he could barely move. " Nice shot Juliano, I think you broke his leg ". I said, as the minotaur's eyes glowed even more red, with anger. " I think I've made him really mad ". Juliano said in fear. " Hit him with your chisel ". I said. " Good idea ". Juliano replied. Juliano got out his chisel and threw it with a lot of force. The chisel was so sharp, that it chopped the minotaurs hand off. The minotaur had now lost his axe. As blood poured out of the minotaur's hand, I ran towards the axe. I picked it up, jumped and whacked off his head. I heard a squelching noise as I chopped off his head. The head fell to the ground, we had killed the minotaur, we had triumphed. " Well done ! Reevo, nice shot ". Juliano said. " We make a great team ". I replied as my heart raced at an incredible speed. " Now that we have killed the beast, how shall we get out of here because the string broke as I ran away from the minotaur ". Juliano said. " Mabye we could take that rock and try and break through the ceiling ". " We could try ". We went over to the rock and started to lift it up. Again I had some hieroglyphics. But I ignored them. We lifted the rock up and suddenly the ground started to shake. " What have you done now! ". Juliano shouted out. " I don't know, I just lifted the rock". I replied Suddenly the wall which marked the dead end, collapsed. And to our disbelief, we saw an army of minotaurs, all looking at us, with their vicious red eyes . They looked at the dead minotaur and their eyes bulged out in anger. ' UH OH, WE DEAD! ' ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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