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Creative writing - Jamie's mistake

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Creative writing Jamie's mistake. He wasn't sure what to do next. The smoking gun was in his cold shaky hand. He had realised his colossal mistake. They were closing in on his now hunched over body. He knew he couldn't work his way out of this horrible mistake. It started when Jamie was too naive. He went out with some new friends. He didn't like the people in his year so much so he hung around with some older kids who were a lot bolder. They said that they would go into town. Jamie's mum was concerned about Jamie and thought something bad could happen to Jamie. But she was overprotective and she warned all of his friends to keep Jamie out of trouble. They all went into town together and walked around. After a while they all at down and someone said "Shall we go to Toby's?" Everyone murmured at that point something like "Yer ok" "Yer, why not" Innocent seeming Jamie didn't know who Toby was and had never met the mystical character before but he was exited to meet him. ...read more.


They all just sat around for hours basically doing nothing. Jamie didn't mind though. He enjoyed just chilling. He could just sit endlessly with a blank expression on his face. In the end, everyone decided to do something. Jamie suggested that they smoked some cannabis, they all agreed to. Jamie was high again. He was soon thinking that he should do it every day. He enjoyed it loads, and loved the sensation. His body tingling, messing around and laughing with his friends. He started going round Toby's more often; he was staying round at weekends drinking and smoking drugs more and more often. He always enjoyed it and he was hanging around with them at school more often, he was getting into a bit of trouble as well; he got done in for his colourful artwork on the walls of the school. One night he went round Toby's to stay and he noticed everyone was quieter than usual. He wondered why and asked them. They started talking about drugs and they said that they had got hold of something else, he asked them what they were talking about when they showed him a bag with a brown substance in. ...read more.


He ran around the room back and fourth. Then he picked up the gun. It was a .22 starting pistol that one of them had converted at home in there garage and it could now fire live rounds. They had never used it before and never planned to. He took the gun with some ammunition and ran outside. Everyone else ran after him trying to stop him. He ran round a corner and then they heard a horrible noise. They heard a gunshot, then a further one. They ran towards it dreading what they might find. When they got there they saw Jamie on the floor, he had collapsed. There was another person on the floor clutching his stomach as blood was pouring out. There was another man across the road holding his leg, his hands red from the wound. They tried to wake Jamie up off the floor but he wouldn't move. A couple of minutes later they heard sirens and ran away leaving the scene behind. Gradually Jamie got up off the floor to find that police surrounded him with guns drawn at him. He was still holding the gun in his hand but realised what he had done! It was too late to go back now. ...read more.

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