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Creative writing-Mistaken Identity. For a while everything seemed normal- the rhythm of the engine, the flashes of the lights on the wings, suddenly. BANG!

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Mistaken Identity- Eagerly, they all boarded the aeroplane. Couples, families and some businessmen - all-boarding for what should be an eleven-hour journey on a Bowing 747. A dinner and a breakfast, which probably wouldn't be that tasty, yet was all procedure when you went on a long plane journey. Passengers sat in 2 to a row on the sides and four in the centre. The ceiling of the plane decorated with overhead lockers for hand luggage. To the front of the plane a mother clutched her young daughter's hand. Both had wavy, coffee coloured hair that sparkled, in the reflection of the aisle lights. The young child had piercing sapphire eyes and flushed cheeks. Tears that had previously rolled down her face now smudged into her white, top's sleeves. Her mother wore a pair of tracksuit bottoms, which were embodied with the Nike logo, and a navy T-shirt that was slightly coating her trousers. "This is your Captain speaking - please fasten your seat belts, we are about to take off." The captain groaned in a low-pitched voice. Grins appeared on the faces of the travellers, finally, their holiday was about to begin. All the trays on the seats were up; seats were in original positions and windows covered. Gradually, the plane began to drive to the runway. The speed picking up, the wind howling down the side of the plane and they were off, out in the air, high as a bird and gliding to the sun. Mid-way into the journey, after the boiled vegetables and cold meat dinners, the lights in the cabin had gone out. Heads rested on the blue patch pillows that bellowed out dust with every movement. ...read more.


They lifted up rocks and tried to break through the ground, desperately searching for life, anything! "Mummy, can I please go and see those rocks over there please?" The red haired little girl pleaded with her mum pointing down the slope. "Yes sweetie, but please don't go too far!" her mum warned. Off she plodded, fascinated by the different colours of the rocks and the smooth texture they possessed. Until she saw in the distance a dark shadow, so stumbling she approached it. "Hello." A croaky voice whispered to her, from a person clothed in dark cloth who stumbled towards her, she froze! "No don't be frightened, come with me, I have lots of stones that sparkle and I have sweeties too! Do you like sweeties?" The girl nodded and took the strangers hand. They walked in a direction that was away from the girl's mother and from the crashed plane. They walked on and on until the tiny girl's legs ached. She took a gasp as she stared up. "This is where I live! My name is Mr Parker, but you can call me Alfred if you wish. We can be friends ok? And you will have your own room upstairs that is pink! Do you like pink?" She nodded. "Don't be scared to talk to me because we are friends now. Aren't we? Friends share their sweets and you want some of my sweets don't you?" "Yes please Alfred!" she whispered to him between the howling of the wind. "Come on then, let's go inside... Jessica? It is getting a bit cold out here." He told her. "That isn't my name?" she muttered. "I'm your ...... daaa... I mean friend, of course I would know your name!" ...read more.


Come her baby, come to mummy! Are you ok, what happened baby, he didn't hurt you did he?" The eager mother asked as she reached out her arms. "Of course I didn't hurt her; she is my daughter, my Princess Jessica!" "So where has Jessica been, when she wasn't with you?" "One day we went out to the stream that sails between two of the mountains and she was paddling, she started to flap her arms but then I had to go and fish at the other end, and just as I did, the wind picked up and the current pulled her away. After that I never saw her; until now because I'm sure her mother just took her for a little while but now she is back with me and I'm not letting her go a second time!" "Alfred....." the tired women placed her hand on his shoulder, "this isn't Jessica, and this is my Bethany! Your Jessica has gone! You can't take my Bethany from me too! The pain you feel, can you honestly inflict that on me with no sympathy? Just allow me to have her back, please? She is all I have!" Slowly he walked over to the small child, cradled her in his arms and whispered in her miniature ear, "It's time for you to go back to mummy!" He made his exit through the front door, leaving the three in the house. "Ok, I have spoken to the police and they are sending people to help us as soon as they can, is everything ok?" The brunette man explained as he towered over the women and her child. "Everything is just fine; it's all going to be ok now! I love you Bethany and we are going to get back home safely!" The women answered as her smile glowed on her face, whilst her hand rubbed her daughter's back repeatedly. ...read more.

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