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Creative Writing - Nightmare World

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Creative Writing, English Coursework - Nightmare World I stood, as steady as a rock, staring over the barren wastelands, the sharp and jagged rocks, and the twisted, eerily evil forests. I did not move. I could not move. My mind was not even capable of comprehending where I was. There was just shock, the one and only emotion slicing through my body. But then the fear and panic penetrated my fragile soul like an icy sword, as I crumpled onto the floor and curled up into a foetal position, ready for my life to end in the very same way it had started. Only seconds ago, not a single thought entered my brain, yet now they flooded my skull, tearing my mind into pieces. ...read more.


As far as I could see, there was no exit. It was obvious that this gruesome land of horror and revulsion was not intending on giving any mercy to its ill-fated prisoners, and I was standing right in the middle of it, on the edge of a small cliff, with a silent tear of despondency dripping slowly down my pale cheek. I began to notice noises coming from the trees ahead of the cliff. A satanic choir of never ending screams, all in the same blood curdling pitch. They didn't stop. With my mind whirling with innumerable questions, I thought of several reasons why I had come to be in this demonic nightmare. ...read more.


It brought me upon the thought of all the horrific and terrifying beasts that inhabited this world, probably eager to claw their way into another creature's throat. As soon as I thought of this, as if by command, all of a sudden a ghastly sound began to emanate from within the trees. Crashing, crunching, snapping, crushing, and making its way through the trees, in exactly my direction. Amongst the noises of destruction, was the unmistakable sound of heavy breathing. The breaths were very deep, and very loud, continuing in an uninterrupted sequence. Whatever it was, it was looking for something. Hunting for something. Something that was covered in flesh, something with brittle bones, something with fresh blood pumping through it's adrenaline fuelled heart, something that was almost drowning in fear at the sound of the hunter. Something like me... ...read more.

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