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Creative writing - Nina strolled into the head office at McSummer Corporations.

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English Coursework Nina strolled into the head office at McSummer Corporations. Everything about the offices oozed class. From the slick leather seats to the stylish Ikea furniture it was obvious that this company was a success. Blonde, beautiful and intelligent, she was every man's dream, and she knew it. "Could someone direct me to Mr Ethan McSummer?" she asked abruptly. As soon as the first word left her mouth the heads of the workers turned and glanced at the confident looking women next to the stained glass door. Nina quickly followed the directions and made her way to the large office, three doors down on the left. She delicately tapped the door, being cautious not to catch her varnished nails and then opened the door to reveal her new boss. Ethan dived from his seat and a stunned look covered his well-structured face. His designer tie wavered in the cool breeze of the air conditioning. "Do you normally open a door without being told to?", he asked. "Only when I'm trying to make an impression on my new boss", she wittingly remarked. ...read more.


Not only did she want to become a big time player in McSummer Operations but also she wanted to know what was behind those dark and mysterious eyes. Although her feelings were obvious she was oblivious to how his feelings for her were mounting. Her beauty amazed Ethan back. Nina's experience was just what McSummer Ltd Operations needed. She would halve Ethan's workload, which would enable him to dedicate more time to his next conquest. Her. As the day dragged on, the conversation between the two became more and more flirtatious. There was an animal passion between the two, which would not be tamed. Ethan felt that each time Nina reached over or bent down she was teasing him. Her slim hourglass figure was bursting out of her tight, white dress. Ethan could feel an uncontrollable desire each time her fluttering eyelashes glanced at him. Nina had curves in all the right places and her long, blond hair was as golden as the sand of a beach. Ethan gazed anxiously at the stained wood grandfather clock in the left corner of his office. ...read more.


"Relax, Nina, you seem tense". He reassured her. "I can't when all these people are staring at me. I feel funny and out of place", Nina replied. "Listen Nina, the only reason these men are staring at you is because they are taken a back by your beauty. Not because they think you don't belong here". Suddenly all Nina's feelings of being an impostor disappeared. Her attentions had turned to the rugged good looks of Ethan. This was the first explosive meeting of the two. Nina now knew where she stood with Ethan. A seductive grin filled his silent face. However instead of expressing her burning desire Nina was overtaken with shyness like a virginal schoolgirl. For the first time in her life she was speechless. Blushing, she desperately made her exit. "Ethan I must get back". Her cheeks were flaming with embarrassment. Rapidly she raced for the door. Not once looking back at an astonished Ethan. Ethan's arrogant persona was now crushed. He thought that their relationship would prosper from this sensual encounter. Instead he was left with the sinking feeling that their relationship had been hampered forever. ...read more.

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