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Creative Writing - of mice and men

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English Language Assignment D- Creative Writing George My name is George and a few weeks ago I murdered my best friend. I am a migrant worker I travel from ranch to ranch and I work to earn my keep, it's a very lonely life no one to talk to but yourself, but it wasn't always like this only a few weeks ago I was as happy as Larry, I had my best friend Lennie Small I was just about to achieve my life time dream of owning my own ranch. All was lost when Lennie accidentally killed a woman, he meant no harm, but the big brute didn't know his own strength. I then had to kill him myself because if the other guys got him they would have made it as sore as possible for him so I did it quick and painless, but I kind of had to do it to save Lennie from a horrible death. ...read more.


I wonder what got him feeling her hair? Why did she make him talk to her? If she didn't all would be all right now, but that selfish bitch did and now, I'm left without a dream and without my best and only friend. In a single second all was changed forever. It's been 3 weeks since the incident and I'm no longer at that ranch. I had to leave all trace of that ranch behind, it kept haunting me that, that's where my best friend worked and I was constantly reminded that I killed him I pulled the trigger no-one else but me. So I'm now working in a ranch with all men and only men. So far it's good no trouble I'm going to keep my head down, do my keep and spend it in a cathouse, it seems like the easiest way of dealing with my loss. Slim I'm Slim I'm a skinner on a ranch. ...read more.


I didn't feel sympathetic for Curley or his wife, she got what she had coming to her and Curley's relationship was failing anyway, so it was probably the easiest way to end it for both of them. So in a way I'm glad she's dead! She wont cause any more trouble on the ranch, but poor old Lennie, I didn't think it would be George who killed him, but I guess it was the right man to do it; someone who would do it quick and painless and someone who would leave him thinking happy thoughts. George left a few days after that I've never seen a man so depressed and lonely. I think being here brought back memories of Lennie. George was a good guy, so was Lennie, but I guess it just wasn't to be a happy ending for these guys. So life on the ranch now is a lot better, it's quieter now without George and Lennie, but its better because she's not lurking about. So I just stick to what I'm good at and that's working. ...read more.

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