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Creative Writing : Panic

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Creative Writing : Panic I woke up that Sunday morning, opened my eyes and was trapped. All I could see around me was white netting. What had happened? I asked myself. Then it all came flooding back to me. I was at my grandparents' house in Nairobi, Kenya. The white netting was a mosquito net! I felt safe again. I remembered that we were going to Masai Mara that day. I jumped out of bed, and ran to the bathroom. Apart from seeing my grandparents, Ba and Bapuji, going to Masai Mara was my favourite part of visiting Kenya. Masai Mara is the most famous safari park in Kenya. There are so many different resorts there for different things. You can go to relax in a hotel or you can experience the wonderful outdoors by staying in very modern tents. A few years ago we did just that and one night all the children who were staying in the different tents arranged to meet up at midnight. When midnight came we grabbed the torches and all met at the main base. Twenty minutes later we could hear the frantic cries of all our mothers who were looking for us. Nevertheless, we drowned out the cries with our hysterical laughter. ...read more.


It had strayed from the herd and our driver/tour guide found this very strange, so we decided to follow it. The driver was explaining to us why he found this strange and as he was my father decided to record it on the video camera. He wanted to see out of the roof so as we were driving at a slow speed he got out of the front seat and came to the back but as he did he slammed the door shut. The enraged elephant turned around and charged. I had never seen an elephant run so fast in my life. My dad still recorded grabbed onto the side of the van as the driver reversed about a hundred feet. During this my brother and I, scared and excited were commentating on the movements of my dad and the elephant. Having sprinted about a fifty feet the elephant grew tired, turned around and carried on in the opposite direction. After this experience we decided it was time for some food. The hotel had very kindly packed us some sandwiches etc for lunch so we sat in the van to eat. As soon as we took out the food, as though they knew we were going to, monkeys appeared from everywhere! ...read more.


I still went out in the dark every time we heard a car. We were still sitting in the patio drinking our third or fourth drink when we heard another car come in. At about eleven 'o' clock I ran outside again and there I saw our van, dad and our driver. I ran up and hugged my dad. I was so happy I completely forgot to go and tell my mum that they were ok. When I had been gone for about 5 minutes my mum, brother and sister came out to look for me and that's when we had a mini 'family reunion'! After thanking the hotel manager and the Germans we got into our van and drove back to Simba Lodge. During the journey dad told us about how twenty men and a four-wheel drive were needed to drag the van out of the ditch. One of the good points of that experience was that without a licence we were able to have a mini night safari. We say and heard lots of hysterical hyenas! We drove back to through the gates of Simba Lodge when the gatekeeper told us that they had sent out a search party for us! We all laughed about it and still do but that was one of the most frightening experiences of my short life and I have never ever panicked so much! Avni G Mehta 02/05/07 1 of 5 ...read more.

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