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Creative Writing Piece

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Summary Sam has been abandoned by his friends in an abandoned and 'haunted' house. He is trapped in the house and unable to escape. All the windows are boarded up and the doors have been blocked. The longer he stays in the house the more scared he gets. He then peeks through a small windows and sees three men with aces in their hands. They start calling for anyone in the house and begin walking around the house to look for anyone. Sam can hear the footsteps getting louder and louder. Sam then gets his foot stuck in a floorboard. The men start to get more suspicious and carry on calling. The voice keeps getting louder for Sam and he eventually breaks himself free. He now looks to break a boarded window and trips up when doing so. He is left on the dusty floor injured. Draft April 1st; April fool's day. Sam woke up very early and was awakened by the bright sunlight lighting up his room. The whistling of the birds caught Sam's attention as he leisurely rolled over. He was looking untidy and was still half asleep when he picked up his sophisticated phone. ...read more.


He peered across the hallway, and noticed monuments which dated from the 18th century that lay all dusty and preserved. It was like walking into a whole new era. Sam ambled over to one of the very few windows that were not boarded. The grass was uncut and rubbish lay in the back garden. He peered through the door frame and caught a glimpse of Peter escaping. Within a couple of seconds he heard the door slam and echo around him. In hundredths of a second the door was boarded up. He knew it was Peter. He ran throught the cob webs until he reached the front entrance He tried pushing and pulling the door but he failed miserably. Sam sighed. He tried kicking his door but returned to the same conclusion. He ken there was no way out; it was hopeless trying. Sam tried to look hopeful. He started walking around the house looking for windows large enough to climb b through but was simply out of luck. Whilst examining the rest of the house, Sam came across another exit which was at the back of the house. ...read more.


Sam leant against the wooden wall; it was silent. His legs began to tremble whilst he breathed heavier, to help minimise the silence. His legs started to warm up the longer they were exposed to the Sun. Sam started to sweat; the hairs on his legs lay still. He kept trying to switch his phone on but was out of luck. He sat down alone on a date rusty chair hoping for company. He sat thinking about whether or not Peter was his real friend. He thought about Grace and how he actually missed her. He whistled to his mind off all these things; SLAM. Sam jumped with terror instantly. His pulse raced whilst he picked u the chair. He crept up to the nearest door; he peered around the hallway for any moving objects. Voices echoed around Sam. He turned to stare through the diminutive window. The rusty black gate started to open. An aged white hand gripped the metal rods firmly. The person's face was hidden behind the brick wall; the Sun's rays were reflected in a yellow reflecting jacket. The gates were jammed and the man was forced to kick it down. He was carrying an item which looked liked new furnished wooden stick. He started to walk along the worn out path; another man followed him ...read more.

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