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Creative Writing Play : “Very Poor: nigra”

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Creative Writing Play : "Very Poor: nigra" Setting- This is set a "narrow, sun-splotched road, which wound like a lazy red (sand) serpent dividing the high forest bank of quiet, old trees on the left from the cotton field, forested by giant green-and-purple stalks, on the right." The sky is blue and there are large grey clouds in the sky. However, every so often the sun peeps through the clouds. Character- There is only one character, which is Clayton Chester Logan, also known as Little Man. He is a six year-old Negro boy and has just finished his first day at school. Like his Uncle Hammer he has a "fiery temper". This fiery temper will be shown when acting. Little Man- "It's not fair, man (looking down). I never had a book before. Never in ma whole life (kicking the dust). Sure mama's got loads of books. But I ain't never had one of my own. So you could imagine how excited I was when Miz Crocker went an' told us we were getting "new books" (emphasising sarcastically 'new'). I nearly fell off of my seat I was so chuffed (laugh slightly to himself). ...read more.


(Start walking slowly again) I new I were in trouble cause she call me Clayton Chester Logan. I didn't know what I should do. (Turning around looking everywhere) The rest of the class went quiet. I knew all the eyes in the room were on me. So I did what I were told to do repeat myself (comes to another halt) "I-I said may I have another book please ma'am...that ones dirty". (Looking upwards) She stood up real tall, man, ma first day and I'm already in trouble. I continued to look straight at her, I didn't wanna show her I were weak. (While standing still a car drives by and startles him. He has to jump to the side to let the car go by. Then gets back on the track and walks slowly again continuing were he left off) She then gave me a long speech about 'the country giving us these wonderful books and you are telling me there dirty'. (A longer pause) After a while I switched off, didn't listen to a word she been saying (kicking the dust). Luckily a switched back on just in time, she were givin' me the choice of taken the book (one arm out, palm upwards) ...read more.


I did what Miz Crocker said and bent over the whipping chair, waited with closed eyes for the first lash. (squeezed yes and clenched fists but still walking. However, goes and trips over a stones cause he has his eyes shut, again turned around and got up to make sure nobody is watching) "Miz Crocker, don't, please", I heard Cassie cry. Cassie was going on and on and on about me being able to read all those small words (brushing the sand and dust off his clothes) and Miz Crocker not bein' really interested. It was a good feelin' that my sister was trying to help (smile across his face), but I knew it'll do no good. And that very moment I felt the sharpest pain I have ever felt in my life right across my backside (sounds made feoeo), five more times. Each time, (griping his teeth) grindin' ma teeth and holding back the waterworks, there ain't no way (shaking his head) I were gonna start cryin'. I think Miz Crocker didn't like it, (showing the amount little with his fingers) not one little bit, me not cryin'. That was the first time I stood up for my belief, it was (shaking his head) painful but now looking back I feel (smiling) good about it (little skip at the end)." ...read more.

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