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Creative Writing : Regrets

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Creative Writing : REGRETS Another year has passed, another day has ended; the days will come and go but still no answers are given. No pain is reduced. My heart is still in pieces. I often just lie here, wondering why. Why I can not reconcile with what has happened. Why you were taken from me and why I was never given a reason for your absence. I would have rather it had been me than you. I had destroyed my life. You had years of life to lead. You were young and free! We had always been getting up to mischief when we were younger; we were like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. You were always the brave ambitious one, "Come on" you would say, "it will be a laugh." Your motto was "if you get hurt, you get hurt" if you fall off your horse, get back on it; you only live once. Might as well make the most of it! Me, well I was always the sensible one, "yes dad" you would say when I used to tell you to be careful! I was always warning you about dangers in life, what not to do and what to do! We were not identical twins and really had no likeness at all. ...read more.


and a baby girl. And me; a city dosser. I hated him so much and resented my family for not helping me out when I needed them the most. All it had ever been was Ben, Ben, Ben!!. It was July the fourth as I remember. I had just pulled off this cracking deal with these guys and had got myself a lot of cash. I had become involved in hard drugs now that meant large sums of money! I was in financial ruin and would do anything to get out of it! What ever it would take, I would accept any offers that were available! I was a complete mess. There I sat slouched on the sofa, in front the television. The walls were cold and damp, the room lacked light and the walls stood dressed in cracks and mould. My mind was fixated on the spider's web that had been growing in the right corner. There in the web was a fly caught up in the sticky mess. He had flown into the trap with no escape from his future, young and vulnerable. He had made one wrong move and he would suffer the consequences for the rest of his life, or what he had left. The spider, on the other hand was strong and focused. ...read more.


My body should have been burned not his. All this time I had envied him and even hated him. I had been seeking attention all my life, which had resulted in the death of my brother. My parents stood by the side of my bed; finally, I had attention. But now it hit me; the life of my twin was much more important than any type of attention. He was now gone, never to return, He was a father, husband, brother and a son and now was nothing but a memory! Due to my selfishness. Another year has passed. Another day has ended. The days have come and gone and I have found the answers I was looking for. No pain is reduced, my heart still in pieces, now I lie here knowing why my brother died. I cannot deal with what has happened, you were taken from this earth, and the answer was there all along. It should have been me not you. I had destroyed my life due to selfish jealousy. I cannot replace a brother, son, father or husband, and for that I am truly sorry. Nevertheless, know this much: He will always be with you all, but for me, I have made terrible mistakes in my life and caused many heartache and pain. I will leave you all and join with my other half. One day I will see you again, but for now I feel, my brother needs me. It is nobody's fault Only mine... ...read more.

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