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Creative writing - The Choice.

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Original Writing Junyue (Julia) Wang 24th September, 2002 The Choice Love is a really difficult thing to understand. Maybe many people have had an experience like this: the person you love doesn't love you, while the person who loves you can't touch your heart. Who will you choose? If you choose the former, this means you could put yourself at risk. It's difficult to win that person's love. Your attempts will end in failure. If you choose the latter, this means you could lead a peaceful life. But are you happy to stay with a person who you don't love? Is it easy to forget the person who you love? For love, in some circumstances, it's really hard to make a choice. I have no idea about which way is right. But, maybe there is another choice. I have a friend named Connie. She is a pretty girl and she is excellent at her studies. Nearly all the people who have seen her say: "She is really nice, I like her!" Since she was 12 years old, many boys have loved her, especially a boy called Jamie, and he has loved Connie for at least 3 years. He would do anything if it could make Connie love him. Although many boys love Connie very much, none of them yet have won Connie's love. ...read more.


A kind person who saw this accident sent her to a hospital. A doctor said that she needed to be in hospital for at least 1 month. During this time, I often went to the hospital to see her. Every time, she seemed unhappy. She said to me that it was really boring to stay there. Sometimes she felt very lonely. She was longing to see Jerry. "Do you know, Julia, if Jerry can come to see me, even only once, I'll feel very happy! I'm sure that is better for me than the medicine." I could feel the love was hurting her, even more than she could say. At last, I decided to help her. Next day, I went to school and found Jerry. I asked him to see Connie. He looked at me as if I was a stranger to him, then asked me: "Why?" "Because... because she loves you!" I told him the true reason. At first, Jerry looked very surprised, and then he shook his head and said: "No!" "Why?" I asked. "Because I can't!" he said very seriously, "You know I don't want to have a girlfriend now. Even if I did want one, that girl wouldn't be Connie. You know that in my mind, Connie is just a friend of my best friend. I can't remember whether I've talked with her. What she sees is just my outside. ...read more.


Human beings are very complicated. Nobody can totally understand what people think when they fall in love. On Wednesday, I went to see Connie after school. When I opened the door, Connie was looking out of the window. "Connie," I called her. She turned to me. I saw she looked very tired. "How are you?" "Not good." "What's the matter?" "Because of Jerry and Jamie." "I see, how do you think now?" I asked her with great care. "Now I come to realize that I'll never win Jerry's love. He hasn't ever cared about me and he will never think of me, I couldn't even become his friend. James has become important to me. During these days, he has made me feel happy. When I stay with him, I feel relaxed. He has become my best friend, but not boyfriend. I still can't try to love him. Just like me, no matter what I do, Jerry can't love me. But in my heart, Jerry is still the boy I love." "But you need to make a choice! You can't always be in pain over it." "Yes, I know that, but how and what can I do? " Connie looked out of the window again. I saw that tears were flowing down on her face. Connie got married 11 years later. Who was the bridegroom? Neither Jerry nor Jamie, but he is Connie's colleague. For love, if you are unable to make a choice, please choose to give up. - 1 - ...read more.

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