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Creative Writing - The Coldness

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Creative Writing The coldness of the marbled floor strikes me as I enter the temple of Isis. The dancing stars shine brightly through the night while we creep ever closer to the central alter. The white figures before me descend the staircase; their shadows flicker on the stone wall as we climb down. Faintly, I can hear the water of life streaming down into the Hypostyle hall where it collects in an icy pool. The scent of lotus is gently infused throughout the air as we descend ever closer to the heart of the Philae, the most sacred place in the temple of Isis. My heart has started to beat faster, it is all that I can hear I know what lies before me and I fear it. Though I have waited for this most of my life it is finally happening and I am not sure if it should. The staircase stops suddenly as if afraid; it opens to a tall, circular hall. The columns about me are decorated with very fine detail; they show Isis with her husband Osiris delighting in the underworld. ...read more.


Fire runs through my veins, it curses its way through me, it feels and knows me. An enchanting voice rings through my head, 'do you think by summoning me you receive eternal life, what do you want, child of the temple?' Only thoughts pass through my mind to reply, 'I wish only to serve thee'. 'I have been summoned before for that exact purpose, I will only be fully awakened by true people of Isis. Do you know the purpose?' How can I answer a goddess that controls me so utterly, and already knows the answer to her question? 'I can only do want my heart wishes to, and at the moment it wishes for you to be upon this earth. That is the only purpose to my life that I can see'. She answers me threateningly, 'you know I have searched your thoughts, for you do not know your true mind, and you lie to me, although you are a true descendant of the ancients, you do not yet comprehend or even perceive what that means and your abilities are still untapped'. ...read more.


Once again the faint aroma of the Lotus wafted about me. A shadow sprang from the light yet there was nothing to cast it, 'you have finally found what you did not seek, I can now tell you what has lain hidden within you for thousands of years. You are Hathor, the goddess of creation and life. Many eons ago Seth pursued you to the ends of the universe; the only way to escape him was to become mortal. Within those bounds he could not find you, for Ra forbid the killing of any mortal. Even though Seth would be punished greatly if he killed a mortal he still pursued you. You feared that your knowledge would betray you, so enclosed your thoughts within a canopic jar. You entrusted me, your sister to keep this knowledge and your identity a secret, until Seth had been destroyed, and so that has been done and you must now rise to the heavens to take your place among the gods'. With that final phrase a blinding golden light was spread throughout Egypt and to the lands beyond. A god was returning home and it was written in the books of Ancients that there own Queen had been re-born. ...read more.

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