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Creative writing - The Crime?

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The Crime ` Something stirred in the gloomy shadows that seemed to be everywhere in this town. She wasn't quite certain what it was but she was sure she didn't want to find out. She reached into her jacket and withdrew a small black pistol. It fitted snugly into her hand and she felt safe having it with her. After three shots in the trash heap that protected the cowering animal, she felt assured that whatever it was, it was no longer a threat to anyone. With four quick strides she reached the end of the alley where she looked round and returned the pistol to its holster. The sickly hot wind howled round the corner almost knocking her to the floor. In the process she stooped low enough for the light from a nearby streetlight to shine onto her bare left shoulder. Etched into the back of it was a tattoo of an elaborate red serpent. After bracing herself for what was to come, she stepped out into the street. No sooner had she done so did she regret ever having come to this town. It appeared that the alley wasn't as empty as she had perceived. Two shots. That's all that it took to literally blow her mind, ensuring that she would never see the light of day again. As the steps of her attacker faded into the distance, a deathly silence settled on that dark alley leaving only a feeling of death as her body slowly began to decay. ...read more.


pressed another button on the side of the screen and another picture appeared - this time a very blurred photo of a young man in what appeared to be dark overalls or possibly a uniform. "It doesn't look much at the moment but the tech guys have managed to computer enhance it and they came up with this." He pointed to a new picture that had appeared on the screen. Suddenly a wave of nausea hit Harris' body and he slumped back in the chair. He couldn't believe what he was seeing but after staring at it for a minute or two he faced up to the fact that it was real alright: he was looking at himself. "Before you worry, I'm not accusing you because it's obvious that this can't be you. We checked the cameras in your apartment and you were asleep in bed when all of this," he gestured at the screen, "happened. Now you can see why this concerns us and I have decided to put you on the case. You're scheduled to leave tomorrow night on a direct flight to Tokyo. I expect an answer to this little mystery because otherwise I'm going to have Japan's senators breathing down my next neck for the next three years. Do you understand?" "Yes, sir. I'll solve this mystery if it takes me that long." Despite the fact that Harris' mind was still racing he still managed a small smile. "Let's hope it doesn't take that long. ...read more.


The woman, by the way, was a hired prostitute that my friends...well, 'acquired'. She was a piece of scum and not worth the life that was taken away." "Its still murder and I'll make sure your punished for it," said Harris angrily. He was ashamed that he had anything to do with such a psychotic murderer. "I have one other question though: why?" Willis chucked before answering: "Now that, I will take to my grave." "Oh, I'll get it out of you before that happens," threatened Harris. By now he was teeming with anger at what Willis had done for apparently no reason. "Somehow I doubt that. For you see, I'm not really here..." and with that Willis...well... ...vanished. Part Three - The Crime? The sky was scorched crimson as the blackness of night forced the light of day below the horizon. Two shadows danced in the shadows as its two matching figures walked hand-in-hand down the dimly lit back alley. Gone was the trash heap but the stench of downtown Tokyo clung to the walls as though it had been burnt in by the hot sun of many scorching days only to be cooled by the sticky hot nights that hid all manner of dark and devious deeds. As the two figures passed under the soft orange glow of a nearby streetlight their faces emerged from the darkness that had previous smothered their features. One was a man and one was a woman. The man was in his forties, although he looked sixty-odd, and the woman had dark brown shoulder-length hair and... ...a tattoo on her left shoulder of an elaborate red serpent. ...read more.

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