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Creative Writing - The door creaked open as the young boy stepped out but was quickly slammed shut by the viscous wind the noise echoed through the hills disturbing some pigeons roosting in the near by trees.

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Creative Writing The door creaked open as the young boy stepped out but was quickly slammed shut by the viscous wind the noise echoed through the hills disturbing some pigeons roosting in the near by trees. The moon was out illuminating the night sky with a milky glow which illuminated all land creating large disturbing shadows. The trees bent in submission to the howling wind which forced their branches to brush along the ground sweeping the dust away from the track. The solitary building which could barely be described as a house stood alone and solitary on the hillside. The walls were crumbling from the water logged plaster and only one window still contained a pain of glass. The door had almost come off its hinges and with one more slam it would break. Off in the distant hill tops stood a wolf howling at the moon its silhouette easily visible from miles around. The child standing at the door way looked older than he was with jet black hair and dark bushy eyebrows that almost seemed to crawl across his face like giant caterpillars. His eyes were large and round with black pupils white when he looked into the pale glow of the moon. His lips were thin and pale with deep cracks. ...read more.


The boy continued on his journey at a much quicker pace down the hill no longer fighting the wind. Gradually the gradient of the land began to lessen and eventually the land became flat once again. Finally the boy sighted his goal on old barn off in the distance. The barn was situated at the bottom of the tallest hill in the area it was nearly a mountain, it stretched up towards the heavens and could not be seen in the gloom of the night. The roof was thatched but the thatch desperately needed replacing. There were many holes on the roof and most of it had turned green with mould. There were two small windows located on the top half of the house on either side they glared out like a pair of dead black eyes. The door was ajar it stood there like a huge gaping mouth waiting to engulf the next visitor to enter the darkness. The barn with its green hair dark lifeless eyes and gaping mouth was terrifying. But still the boy carried on walking along the path towards the monstrous house. Off in the distance the headlights of cars sped past and the pounding sound of great tankers and lorries could be heard carrying their many unknown substances across the countryside. ...read more.


The flames began to grow larger and hotter and the familiar crackling that is associated with fires began to sound. The boy stepped back to admire his masterpiece this burning leaving breathing thing which he had created it moved around the building with the speed of a cat. The flames began lapping at the ground on the edge of the straw stack searching for substances to fuel their destructive path. The walls glowed red with the heat from the flames and loud cracking noises could be heard. The burning heat began to engulf the structure, mice and other animals began to scurry high up into the rafters where they believed they would be safe. The boy stood their mesmerised by the dancing waves of flame as his very own creation began to grow to an uncontrollable height and size. In distance the whirring sirens of the petrol fuelled fire trucks came echoing. The Sun rose in the sky illuminating the charred remains of the barn surrounded by fire trucks and police cars. The few remaining pockets of fire were being extinguished by men dressed in large jackets. The report filed later stated that the fire had been started by flammable chemical possible petrol being lit within the barn. There were no suspects as to who started the fire all that was found was the remains of an old trench coat. Robin Lawson Page 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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