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Creative Writing : The Encounter

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Creative Writing : The Encounter By Edward Paradise Walking up the mountain, a cloudless sky overhead, it was a near perfect day. As my climbing party and I reached the bottom of Mount Savorlia, the highest mountain in the world, I gazed upwards and stared in wonder at the snow-capped peaks, vast forests and steep alpine trials. It appeared that one man alone could not triumph over this mammoth creation of the earth. I was enthralled by this foreign land and I found myself in, isolated from accustomed civilisation I felt as though I was in a different world with surroundings uncharted and valleys undiscovered. It was pointed out to me, however, that the menacing pitch black clouds known well to these parts were on the horizon and imminent. A strong wind was picking up and beginning to howl out ears. Without giving another thought I commenced my long climb, despite many forceful warnings shouted in my direction. ...read more.


Not a single thing all the time, that was very strange considering Mount Savorlia was well known for its rich variety of animals like bears and foxes. To say the very least, the gashes in my backpack had me very worried. Another thing that troubled me was there was not a single trace of life on the entire mountain. My clothes clung to me because they were saturated I tried lighting a fire but with little success so I curled up and concentrated on keeping myself warm. The thick snow was now beating down harder than ever like an uncontrollable torrent, it made me dizzy and unable to pick out the trees close by. These were lit occasionally by cracks of lightning. A movement out the corner of my eye caught my attention. A mass of black, it looked to be well over ten feet tall. A crack of lightning and in the snow covered background it was gone. ...read more.


Many shots missed but those that hit their target were enough to make it slip on the ice-covered ground and crash to the floor. I decided to finish it now. As it raised itself from the slippery surface, I took aim through the rifles telescopic sight, right between its eyes. I pulled back the trigger. Click, nothing happened. I desperately tried again, and again nothing happened. I thought quickly and back tracked around the beast towards a loose but fairly large boulder. Putting all my weight behind it I pushed in the direction of the beast. After my third push the boulder gave way and slipped downwards. It crashed directly into the creature and smashed through the ice surface that it was standing on, sending it into a deep crevasse. I stopped for a minute and went over the events that ahs just happened, and then pondered how to reach the bottom and sure safety. By Edward Paradise ...read more.

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