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Creative Writing - The girl in black

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story written by Adil "An uninvited visitor knocks on my door on an evening in which I am home alone." The task is to describe what happened that night in the form of a short story. Peace and quiet. Finally! I'm home alone, my father has gone to stay at my grandmothers for a night over. He didn't take me. I hate going places. When I was younger, my mother took me everywhere; she didn't care how I felt. I remember, about seven years ago, my father and siblings were at a relatives house, as there was a wedding. My mother didn't want to go, and when she called my father and said she wanted to go now, he said he wasn't there because he'd been called for a business meeting to, east Manchester. My mother decided to entertain herself and went to an old ladies' Kitty Party. And she took me along with her! None of the other ladies bring anybody with them except their daughters, and I'm a boy! I was bored out of my wits, until something happened at the party. A girl died, just like that. The police said she caught fire. But I never met the girl or, in that case, see her die. So I don't really know what happened. ...read more.


Damn it! I forgot we had a letterbox! I didn't budge. Why should I? I don't want to let in whoever wants to at the door to make my night a nightmare. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Oh for crying out loud! I got up from the rocking chair and stumbled over to the door, nauseously. I pulled the wooden doo'r which seems to have expanded due to the cold winter. With all the strength on the right hand side of my body, I heaved the door towards myself. Some of the soup and croutons spilled over the rim of the mug, over my left hand and onto the floor. Then... the entire mug tilted sideways, emptying itself. It hung by my finger which remained on the handle of the mug. "...as if to be a paranormal presence, the hooded, Goth-like girl, in the dark robes, steadily paced forwards, and then disappeared into the darkness of the night..." My eyes could not endure the pain of looking at this image. Yet I stared. The very girl I saw in that dark alley. Her ebony black hair hung over her face, her dark eyes looked up at me. "May I come in?" the girl asked. My eyes had not yet recovered from her image. Taking advantage of this, she barged in. ...read more.


Policemen were arriving. I got up. "What happened boy, why are you in the abandoned block?" Said a fat constable as other officers arrived. "Abandoned block?" I stared back. It was obviously not long after I fainted. But somebody had dragged me out of the house. I turned to see the house burned down completely. The constable wanted to hear everything. He told me that somebody found a light fire in the house and dragged me out. Then he called the police. I told the police everything in detail. Their reaction to my story was unbelievable. They looked me up and down and started laughing. "WHAT IS SO FUNNY?" I screamed "Son," said the policemen. "Narisone Platinistraxon, along with her mother and all members of the Kitty Party, was burned alive, with gasoline, cooker gas and a sparkling lighter. The fire took down this house, and all this happened seven years ago." I stood there, in absolute shock. This can't be true, it just can't be. How can this be. I wasn't dreaming. I can still smell the gas in my lungs. Something's wrong. Something is very wrong... I sat there as my father discussed with the warden what should happen in the future. I haven't done anything wrong. Why am I here? Why am I at the Juvenile Mental Health Centre for the Criminal Minded? My father was walking away now, leaving me in this prison. I just hope its not another seven years before he takes me out again. ...read more.

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