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Creative writing - The keeper of the darkness.

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THE KEEPER OF THE DARKNESS Over looking the horizon, a figure, the Big Ben; ding ding ding.... .The Big hand hits the 8:00 mark." Good morning London how are we doing this fine morning? Enjoy your breakfast and listen to the capitals ...London's coolest radio station around". Running all about, little people like ants on duty, frantic looking at watches, finishing of bit if sandwiches. The cars make a racket coming in and out of everywhere and nature gets it fresh puff of the morning pollution. Within minutes the haunting darkness vanishes and comes along a warm invitation of a warm summer day. Whilst crowd of commuters fight to get into work, two don't look half as motivated. These are two agents out on a mission, Keo and Tranis Marshal, watch your back. A secret black box only to open with a correct number combination has been stolen from the marshal's family and they want it back. The combination is unknown but if the box is opened the box will reveal its curse; the night shall commence forever and no light shall enter the eyes of the innocent beings of this unfortunate planet. The box is said to originate from an Indian tribe in south India from many centuries now. ...read more.


" You didn't think of that when you blew her brain out". Tranis looks down in shame. "On 5, you go left and I go right". One.......Two 'Bang Bang!', the police start firing. "Forget that last bit, go, go!!!" Tranis cries to Keo. The scene looks like one battle of the little Big horn. They make it to the car and zoom off. The noise is deafening as the police sirens wail and the Bank's alarm goes on and on. " Not this time guys".... The police officer says to his men. A sense of achievement is in the air from the car. "Woo" Keo screams in excitement. . Tranis ....Tranis cheer up. Quotes Tranis "So aggressive is a woman, yet its sleep is peaceful. I have brought peace to that woman. She wouldn't face herself knowing that she was robbed. "Life is fragile, Tranis don't be hard on yourself. Certain things have to be done, it was her fate. Don't think of yesterday, you cannot change it. Think of tomorrow; something you can change". Keo, thanks for that. Crap! We are 400 grand short. Keo asks Tranis why Zen wants so much money. "....And he is bribing us with the money so that we reveal where they have kept out queen. ...read more.


" Don't move Keo remember thirty seconds, Ha Ha Ha" Zen laughs manically knowing he's won. Tranis gets down onto his knees facing away from Zen and weeps in shame, "I shouldn't have relied on that son of a gun ...my life doesn't have to end like this......does it?" "Ten seconds" Zen reveals a long silver single barrelled shot gun and walks up, very slowly, towards Tranis. Keo wants to shout but his voice is drained out by his tears in fear of death. "Five seconds". "If only I could do som...that's it!", he winks at Keo hoping he gets the signal. THUD! Tranis feels something pushing against his back. Keo moves foreword but was not off the mark quick enough. The Big Ben starts to sing. BANG BANG BANG. Tranis plummets to the ground. He has been shot. He tries to shoot Keo but cannot see him anywhere. Zen walks off slowly towards the helicopter. Zen looks back to see a seemingly dead Tranis lying on the floor, Zen laughs. "Tranis wake up, wake up! You can't leave me!" Keo is distraught and hits the floor in anger. He cries loudly and grieves over his brother's death. "Huh, I-I'm alive?" Tranis feels his chest. He realises he is wearing a bullet-proof vest. "Tranis is that really you?", he wipes away his tears and begins to brighten up. " He thinks he's won this but let me assure you Keo...... this is just the beginning. 1,726 words, English ...read more.

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