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Creative writing - The Meeting

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V.Poyntz 27.01.2002 The Meeting They were coming to get him, creeping through the undergrowth towards him. As they drew near he jumped up to run on, but tripped. He had been spotted. The savages drew in, their spears all pointing at him, moving around him as he stared up at them, chanting 'Kill the pig. Cut his throat. Spill his blood.' As the chanting got louder, and the spears nearer, he screamed. He woke up breathing heavily, covered in sweat, his hair adhering to his forehead. A nightmare. The same nightmare it always was. He was back on the island again. Except this time the officer hadn't saved him, the savages had killed him. Ralph sat up haltingly and went to fetch a glass of water. He checked his watch, six forty-five in the morning. No point going back to bed now, his appointment was at seven thirty. ...read more.


When we arrived on that island, I believed that I would be leader, that I would lead everyone, just as I had led the choir. Then you blew the conch, everyone was already there when we arrived and you were in control. I liked the look of you but I hated that you had found the conch, that you were always making the sensible suggestions. When you gave me the responsibility of looking after the fire and hunting I thought I'd show everyone that I could be just as powerful as you. Then I let the fire out. You and Piggy hated me for that. You lost your respect for me. So I had to gain it in another way, the beast. But the beast separated us even more. I then knew that there was no way I'd ever earn your respect so I tried to earn the respect of everyone else to show you that I could lead a tribe. ...read more.


But luckily for you he was. I'm sorry we killed your friends but they had to die." Throughout his speech Jack had stared out of the window, a dazed look in his eye, using his hands to emphasise what he was saying. But during that last sentence fire had returned to his eyes. He turned and Ralph was filled with a sudden terror. This was Jack as he remembered him, dark and murderous. "They had to die Ralph, and you had to die. You escaped then but finally you have returned to me. I agreed to this meeting so that I could finish off the episode on the island. You have to die now Ralph. You have to die." As he finished speaking he advanced on Ralph, pulling a knife out of his pocket. A low chant emerged from his mouth. 'Kill the beast. Cut his throat. Spill his blood.' Ralph's body slumped to the floor, blood oozing out of the mortal cut to his throat. ...read more.

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