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Creative Writing : The Outsider

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Creative Writing : The Outsider Tom gazed wonderingly around the room, taking his time as to not miss a detail. A rather high foot table in front of the redwood coloured three-seater sofa. It matched the walls of the room that resembled a log cabin in colour and certain aspects of the furniture. A grand fireplace cut into the centre of the wall furthest from the door, a single seat next to it and a television on an angle so it could be seen from the sofa and the seat. The people were all around looking at Tom, the flickering glow of the fire made their smiles seem warmer and the atmosphere in the room was one of happiness and curiosity, as they couldn't seem to take their eyes from the youngster. Tom sat silently, wanting not to disturb or upset them; he was slightly intimidated by the warmth of everyone here. The place from where he'd come was never like this. There were no smiles and there was no warmth at that place, security was never considered and privacy was a non-factor. ...read more.


He was grateful for the food, it was good and it had been a while since he had last eaten. A man sitting in the single seat bent down and patted Tom on the head, his hands were large and looked hard but his touch was one of comfort. He immediately knew that he would be safe here and as long as these people were around there would be no harm done to him. Again, Tom prayed to the gods that this would be his final stop and he would not be moved again; as he had throughout most of his short life. Tom finished his food and looked towards the tall woman who had been kind enough to give him the meal. "Would you like a drink?" She questioned him and pre-anticipating an answer of "yes" she moved out of the room with the empty food bowl. Upon her returned she set down some milk for Tom to drink and taking his time now he took bit by bit until eventually he had finished and was now full. He tried to express his gratitude but couldn't quite get the words right, a slightly shrill noise was made and the people In the room laughed. ...read more.


Into the kitchen now, it was cold in here, not below temperature, but cold because they had left the warmth of the living room. The woman kneeled down and placed Tom into a basket, he was scared now. It was dark and cold and he sensed he would soon be alone, she pointed out to him where there was a litter tray and some food bowls and in reply Tom let out a soft meow. "Don't worry baby," the woman began softly, "I'll be back down to see you in the morning. Just try to get some sleep ok?" Another soft cry from Tom, he didn't want to be alone just yet. Though he was glad he would be here in the morning. The woman closed the door behind her and was gone. Tom, a cat, moved to the back of his basket and tried to hug the blanket's softness and he gradually faded into a deep sleep in the comfort of knowing he had found a new home, where people loved him and would look after him. He no longer felt like an outsider and could look forward to waking up to the same adulation and care that he had received on the night gone by. Tom was loved. Mike McLoughlin 11R 1 ...read more.

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