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Creative Writing - The Quest

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English Coursework - Creative Writing The Quest It was a cold, shallow, winter's morn when I awoke. The trees made ragged shadows across the frosted frozen ground. I looked out my window to see a vast scenery of whiteness, I ran down stairs to see if my family were awake, but it appeared not. I told myself that I wasn't going to waste a nice sledging day. I set off on my trek to find a perfect hill. On my travels I came across some strange glowing orb. I picked it up and examined it closely, my eyes gazed wide open, I saw inside this orb that there was a little dragon sort of creature. Suddenly I was sucked through this object and thrown out into another dimension, the only thing was, I wasn't human any more, I had some how been transported into this dragon and skills I had only dreamt of came into contact with my mind. I realised as a Dragon I could fly, breath fire, use my scales to protect me. ...read more.


After the ceremony had finished the Lord of Icelandic (guy in the blue suit) approached and spoke, he told me that fro 100 years the town of Icelandic had been safe and evil free, he also told me that evil was slowly approaching these shores. Late into the night he was still explaining, he had got around to saying that I had to fight and push evil out of the country and must visit four Islands to do so, I agreed to this quest and took off. Not knowing where the first Island was wasn't good, but it was ok as I knew my instinct would guide me there. At least 4 hours later the clouds cleared and the sun hit me, I thought to myself that an Island must be around here somewhere, and as that thought had come and gone the Island appeared. Shaped like a Diamond I flew down to investigate, I landed on a smaller Island just off the Diamond shaped one, and to my amazement the little guys in white came to great me. ...read more.


We landed on a near by field and set off into the woods. Rosie and I were walking side by side when we came across a lone Wanderslopa, she too told me her name was Lisa, and she had been struck by a shapeless black object. Rosie and I spoke to each other and agreed that she could come along with us on our quest, as we put it the more the merrier. During many minutes of travelling Lisa stopped abruptly and started trying to rub her eye, I asked her what was wrong and she told me she had developed a pain in her eye ever since the fall. We came across many Lil-mites but took them out easily as there are now three of us. One Leopard, a Dragon and the brave Fairy. I had completed the quests I had been set and had the chance to return home. I rejected as I explained I could never leave Rosie and Lisa because we had become such good friends. Written By John-Ross Barczewski 10th November 2003 * Wanderslopa - A Mystical Cat. * Lil-Mites - Mystical Creature Of An Evil Kind. ...read more.

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