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Creative writing - The Stranger.

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The Stranger "Today, what would you like to do?" said Mrs Foster. "Beach? Or something different?" "Something different." "What?" "I don't know," said Emma. They looked at each other, a little disagreeably, across the breakfast table. Mrs Foster thought that Emma was being unhelpful; Emma thought that her mother should have some interesting alternative already worked out. "In that case," said Mrs Forster, "you can come down into the town with me. And then we could go for a walk along of the shopping centre." The Centre. You can walk through it, but I walked along there hundreds of times before. Emma thought. Mrs Foster added without enthusiasm, "You could buy an ice-cream or something your like at the end of it." Emma stared at her mother coldly. She was not thinking of either ice cream or the prospect of walking along the centre, and she did not mean to look cold. ...read more.


So she couldn't wait till she got out of the centre and away from this weird atmosphere. But she had to stay and go around shopping with her Mum just to keep her happy. The escalator stopped. The last few people get out, and the door closes and keeps going up. She then realises that she is the only one left in the escalator. She starts to panic. Where was her Mum and how could she leave me behind, she thought. Everything seemed to have stopped and it felt like ages before the escalator stopped at the next floor. The escalator finally stopped on the fourth floor and the doors opened and she got out the escalator. She walked along the fourth floor quickly looking in the shop windows trying to find her Mum; she felt that everyone was staring. ...read more.


So she followed the woman into the escalator and out of the Shopping Centre. They walked along a quiet street; this was when Emma started to feel that something wasn't right and stopped to have a look around. This was when the woman grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her along, shouting "Hurry up, don't stop." This was when Emma realise that the woman wasn't from a modelling agency as she said she was. Emma started to panic; she had to find a way of getting away from her. She tried struggling to get away from the woman, but the woman grabbing her grip on her. Emma screams as the woman had hurt her with grapping her so aggressively. This when she saw three people running in her direction, they were two policemen and her Mum. The woman dropped her to the ground and ran in the opposite direction. Emma's mother ran, towards her and gives her a cuddle, saying, "I was really worried about you; thank God you're all right." The policemen ran after the woman... ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Jane Austen section.

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