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Creative writing - Through The Mirror at Midnight.

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Through The Mirror at Midnight I should have known it was going to be a bad day when I saw the brown slab plop on my plate. I was hoping for fried chicken or pizza, anything but meat loaf. "All right! Meat loaf," my best friend, Connor, said from behind me. "My Favourite." Connor eats anything and everything. It's sick. I shook my head as I moved down the line. "I can't believe you're excited about meat loaf. What planet are you from?" Connor shrugged and brushed his long blond hair out of his face. "The planet of hunger, its lunchtime and I'm starving." No one would ever expect us to be best friends. Conner is a foot taller than any other boy in the seventh grade. I'm a foot shorter. He has straight blond hair. Mine is dark and curly. Conner is a math wizard. I'm better at English. To Connor everything seems to have a logical explanation. I don't agree. I think life is a lot more mysterious. Well, I live on Fear Street. I believe in vampires, ghosts, monsters and that entire sort. Mysterious and supernatural things happen on Fear Street. I even know people who have who have seen ghosts on Fear Street, and even worse. As I picked up my lunch tray, I stared down at the meat loaf as I moved away from the lunch line. ...read more.


He questioned as he bent down to read it. He read it out aloud: "Look carefully in the mirror, For years and years I've been frozen However, you can set me free. Kiss my lips To bring me back This is my only plea." The wind howled, sending shivers across my skin. I couldn't move. I just kept staring at that pretty, sad-eyed face. How could this reflection seem so real? "So why don't you kiss it?" Connor teased. "Huh?" I almost forgot he was there. "Kiss the face," Connor said. "Come on, do it." "That's the dumbest thing you have ever asked me to do," I grumbled. "What's the matter?" Connor poked me. "Are you afraid that it might come true?" "No, why don't you kiss her?" I snapped. "Why are you scared?" Connor teased. "No!" I exclaimed, a bit scared but not trying to show Connor. "So kiss her then." I hated being teased, especially by my best friend. So I bent closer to the lips of the girl, I gripped Connors jacket as I gave her a kiss. My lips stuck to the mirror. I held tighter and tighter onto Connors jacket, when all of a sudden I was forced, pulled and sucked in. I ended up in a dark cemetery, everything was quiet, and the wind was howling. I quickly swirled around to see if I was alone or not. ...read more.


The grandfather clock struck 2:30 am as we appeared back in our real world. "Thank God were back!" I was startled. "This mirror is bad luck. I'm not going to keep it in my attic after this," said Connor. I picked up Connors paperweight from near his desk tidy. It felt heavy in my hand. I spun my hand and then let go of the paperweight. It made a big noise and the mirror was in pieces. "Right!" Said Connor; "I'm not going to even put these smashed pieces in my dustbin. Come on! Let's go to the waste disposal bins near my Aunt Doreen's. Connor and I bent down picking up each piece, being careful not to even leave one. As we creeped out of the house it was three 'o' clock. The streetlights shone like the moon and everything was still. I followed Connor straight to the disposal bins, dropped our bags in the bin, and then started walking back to Conner's house. We were both too scared to even talk to each other. On the way, back we saw something lying on the floor. As we drew closer and looked at it, we saw Luana's face, the face I kissed in the mirror. It was a small piece of the mirror we must have dropped on the way to the waste disposal bins. "Run!" I said, "Stop!" Luana said from the mirror. We swirled around only to hear her say, "You can run, However, you can't hide! You still haven't escaped me!" ...read more.

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