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Creative writing - To die for.

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English Creative Writing To Die For Chapter 1 "Ashley, Lucy and Kay are you listening to a word of this!" Exclaimed Mr. Kraugher angrily. "Yes sir, we were just discussing the factors which prohibited the German's from gaining control over Russia in 19..." Replied Lucy sounding surprised "Oh that's all right then girls!" And with a satisfied smile, turned back to the board and continued writing. In fact we hadn't been talking about that at all, it had been more along the lines of what we were doing at the weekend, but my best friend Lucy with her intellectual ability had nearly every teacher round her little finger. This didn't really bother me though, and often worked to our advantage. Kay, Lucy and I had become best friends at the start of secondary school and had been ever since. As you may have gathered Lucy was the brainy one. She was a pretty girl but mostly disguised this by tying her perfect light brown hair up tightly and rarely wearing makeup. Kay was the opposite however; her pixyish face was always make-upped to perfection or slightly overdone. She had long curly strawberry blonde hair, which was often down and a perfect figure. She was the loud rebellious one of us. I was more the neutral one of the group. My long wavy brown hair was often straightened and my tan made me look very Spanish, but was the calm one of the group and compromised work with social events. Kay began telling me and Lucy something about her new outfit when all of a sudden she stopped in mid sentence and starting staring towards the door. I turned to see what she was looking at then I saw Him, the most beautiful human being I have ever seen and I could tell from every girl's reaction I was not the only one that thought this, as he walked casually into the classroom. ...read more.


After third period I couldn't take it any longer and got up and left the school. As I was walking out the drive I heard a familiar voice shout after me. "Ashley, we need to talk." Chapter four I turned round to see Carl Frost walking towards me looking at me sympathetically. "I can't believe she's gone." I cried, "First Lucy, now this I-" I stopped in mid sentence feeling the tears, like blood, trickling down my face. "Hush," he said calmly and put his arms around me. He was so warm; it felt good to have sympathy from him. He seemed to understand without saying a word. "I know how you feel." He murmured softly, stroking my hair. I relaxed against him. He was so comforting. No wonder Kay had been kissing him. Then I suddenly realised something. He had been kissing Kay the night she disappeared. I pulled away slightly and turned up my face so I could see him. "What happened with you and Kay the night she disappeared?" I enquired. "I don't know. I was at football practice. I didn't see her." I could feel my whole body shiver just then. I knew I had to get away. When I got home my first thought was to call the police. I swung open the door and quickly fumbled up the stairs shaking my breath heavy. I picked up the phone in my room and was about to dial the number when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I hadn't paid much attention to my looks since Lucy's disappearance. My face, which was known for it's healthy glow looked almost ghostly pale, and there were bags under my eyes probably due to my lack of sleep. With a deep breath I turned away and punched the numbers onto the phone. "I need the police," I told the woman on the other end. "I think I know who is responsible for the disappearances of Lucy Grey and Kayleigh Myers. ...read more.


"Hey, you all right?" He asked. Sounding genuinely concerned. "As good as can be expected," I groaned. "What exactly happened last night?" Carl then told me that he had been suspecting Kay from near the start, as she had seemed very angry when he had refused to kiss her. "Why did you say you were at football practice that night?" I had interrupted. He explained that he had gone to football practice later that night bur didn't want people to link him to the disappearances. Then he told me that my reaction yesterday day, when he had tried to comfort me worried him, and he had come by to see if I was okay but had seen Kay's car and followed it to where she was going, scared she would hurt me. He had then found me knocked out in the woods and managed to call the police, before I had run away from him. Guilt washed over me for having suspected him. He then told me Kay was being held by the police for the murder of Lucy Grey and the attempted murder of me. I shuddered again, holding back tears of confusion and sadness. "I suspect she was insanely jealous of both of you." He then said. "I can understand why she would be jealous of Lucy, but why me?" Then tears really did spill. He put his arm around me and I relaxed next to him. "Why you? Because you are stunning." He said seriously. If I wouldn't have been so upset I would have been incredibly flattered to be complimented by someone so good-looking. I gave him a pained smile and hugged him tighter. I remembered then what Kay had said about him liking me, but despite this I didn't feel ready to be more than friends with him, or anybody at the time. I realised that through the horrifying events I had made what seemed a potentially close friend. It was then I knew that although I had over gone the worst events I could have possibly imagined, that someday I was going to be all right. ...read more.

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