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Creative writing to expand your vocabulary -In 1985, a huge earthquake hit the city which caused great disarray. The people came to realize that villains were trying to take over the city.

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Andrew Cutrona Contemporary Fiction Ms. Burslem 30, October 11 The Cities Best Friend In a city far, far away there was group on superheroes staying in a bastion. They would spend day and night here unless they were called to fight crime. The superheroes have a very tough job. They had to kill the villains or come to a concord and than put them in jail for some period of time. They just try to keep the city safe and in good order. The local citizen refer to them as "watchmen." ...read more.


The people in the city felt much more secure since they knew someone would always be there to help. After ten years of rebuilding the citizen were finally starting to get back on their feet and return to their normal lives. The watchmen love their job and choose to wear a ludicrous costumes. This includes a purple shirt, cape and yellow tights. Their job is very serious and they have no time for jocular actions. Some people grouse about the watchmen because they are in a recumbent position all day. ...read more.


But they weren't done yet. It was their job to incarcerate the criminals for their wrongdoings, but they had to act fast because the robbers were gleaning money. Within five minutes they had all the robbers in cuffs and ready to be sent to jail. The watchmen's job is very dangerous and they were not left with a pecuniary life. In fact they got minimal pay from the government but they loved what they did. Never were they called pusillanimous because they would go in and save people no matter what the circumstances were. No one else could do what they did and for that they were part of an elite group. They were the watchmen. ...read more.

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