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Creative writing - Trapped!

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Trapped! " Please help me. My husband is coming home soon and I need someone to come get me out of here quickly! " At this point Nicole is very distressed as the operator tries to calm her down and asks for her name. Nicole tries her best to compose herself, to stop herself crying, she eventually manages to speak, " He's been beating me and I can't stand it anymore, I feel like killing myself! I need help. Someone please, come quickly. Oh hurry, he's coming! Sorry I've got to go." Her husband Vinnie enters the house from a hard days work and notice's Nicole's suspicious behaviour. He wonders what she is doing and notices the phone slightly off the hook. He lifts the receiver and presses 'redial'. " Hello, Emergency Services. Do you require police, fire or ambulance? " He furiously slams the phone down and glares at Nicole. He thunders across the room to her and with a horrifying blow, hits her across her face. She immediately falls to the ground, banging her head on the edge of the fireplace. ...read more.


Nicole struggles in agony to clean the kitchen as best as she can and quickly rushes to the bathroom. Whilst in the bath, she soaks her bruises with water and wet pieces of cloth to clean off the blood and cuts. She becomes startled when she hears Vinnie enter the bathroom and approach her. Her heart starts to race rapidly and she tenses her body. He stands at the door staring at her and then tells her to relax as he lifts up a sponge and soaks it with water. He gently pushes her back and starts to squeeze the water carefully onto her cuts and bruises. Vinnie says, " Nicole, I'm sorry. It was very thoughtless of me. I didn't want to hurt you... but you made me. " He assures her that it will not happen again and holds her close to him. Nicole looks up into his eyes and asks him, " Is it really over? " He replies to her, saying softly " No more, I promise." For the next few weeks everything went back to the way it was when they first started dating and got engaged. ...read more.


Nicole developed cuts and bruises everywhere and eventually was not allowed to leave the house at all. She tried to seek help but couldn't bring herself to say anything to anyone, like it was her fault. She felt ashamed. Although sometimes things were okay, she always had doubts about Vinnie and she was right to think like that. Vinnie frequently came home late and sometimes smelt of alcohol and this particular night was no exception. Nicole knew by the tone of his voice that something was up and quickly and carefully put the dishes away. She saw Vinnie take out some wire from a bag that he brought back from work. Without speaking, he grabbed her fiercely and dragged her upstairs into the bathroom. Nicole was so scared about what was going to happen she could hardly breathe. She prayed for the first time for help from God. Vinnie had the wire round her neck. Nicole was so frightened and she felt that her time had come. She felt a sigh of relief as well, she kept thinking she would be free from it all. She bowed her head and with a peaceful mind, she whispered "...and deliver me from evil." "Amen." ...read more.

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