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Creative writing - Truancy.

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Truancy - By Damien Hendry The man was right behind him. He could almost feel the cold of the blade against his neck. Bob had been running for some time now. He had been making his way home earlier that night when a man stopped him, pulled out a knife, and demanded his wallet. That was when he had turned and ran. For a boy of 14, Bob was pretty fast and had the stamina of a horse. He lived with his mum and dad and was in the local football, rugby and athletics teams. He had been at the annual youth club disco, which he left half an hour early so he could get home and get to his bed. Cumbernauld United were in the cup final the next day and he was in the team, so he had wanted to get a good night's sleep. But now he was heading towards the forest with a man carrying a knife on his tail. He dashed around a corner and dived into a mass of bushes at the side of the forest track. He saw the mugger's feet as he rounded the corner and watched in horror as they stopped in front of the bush he was in. ...read more.


"Don't be daft", said his mum, "you weren't to blame. I just wish you had come home earlier to save us from worrying so much. Well, at least you're back anyway, I just hope they catch that pig before you catch a cold." "Ha, ha, mum", laughed Bob sarcastically. "Do you think the water will be warm enough for me to have a bath yet?" "Yes I think so, off you go now", said dad as he took Bob's place on the sofa. As Bob lay in the bath, warm and comforted, it reminded him of the place in the forest. Although it was about nine o'clock at night, he still wanted to go back. "I'll go tomorrow", he decided, as it would be Sunday and he'd have nothing better to do. He came out of the bath, went to bed and slept. He dreamt of being at his secret place, rolling on the silk grass and swimming in the cool, refreshing loch. The next day, he awoke early and started out towards the forest. Although he could not quite remember where to go, he felt drawn to it, as though there was a magnet pulling him towards it. ...read more.


He was very anxious about what was happening and continued to blurt out the story of what had happened to him until one of his friends said: "Come now, we'll take you home, you must have tripped and hurt your head or something. You know fine well there's no forest in Cumbernauld. We'll get you home and you can get some rest. Don't forget, we've got the Partick Rovers to thrash tomorrow in the cup final and we need you to do it". What was happening? Bob could not handle what he was hearing, what he was seeing. Could it be that he had dreamt the whole thing? "In you go now", a friend said as they reached Bob's front door, "take care okay? See you tomorrow at the match". "See ya!" chorused the 5 or so friends who had accompanied him home. He opened the front door and looked around the living room. Everything looked normal. His parents were sat watching the TV as usual and were acting as though nothing had happened. "You're late boy", joked his dad when he noticed him coming through the door, "been kissing too many girls eh?" "No", replied Bob, "I fell, hurt my head, I..." Once again, Bob fainted on the living room floor... ...read more.

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