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Creative Writing Two Groups Of Hoodlums And A Packet Of Crisps

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Hunger. Raw hunger. I clutched my stomach in desperation, as it gave out another growl, signaling the end. I desperately reached into my pockets, hoping beyond hope that there would be the means of salvation buried deep in the crevasses of my jeans. I groped around, and my hand suddenly chanced upon a cool, metallic disc. My breathing faltered and my hand shook, as I slowly, and hopefully drew out, what was unmistakably a coin. I couldn't believe my eye's, so took out my glasses. I turned my eyes toward the coin, and my heart skipped a beat. But there was something decidedly awkward about the coin. I held it up and that's when the light glinted on an inscription on the metal coin. MONOPOLY. It took a few seconds for me to digest this new setback, but when I did, tears of frustration threatened to leak through my eyes. I held them back, and in frustration threw the coin in a random direction. Wrong move. "Oi, who threw that," I heard someone yell. At first I was unsure as to who this person was talking to. But then I saw the dark-skinned man round the corner, with pure fury in his black eyes. ...read more.


However, the money acted as a placebo, and so this pain was manageable. I began my limp towards the nearest corner shop. For the first few minutes, it appeared to be a fruitless task, but then I turned onto a high street, where there was nothing but shops. I passed a few banks, struggled past Argos, and arrived at 'Tishan Minimart'. I walked in and the typical jingling bells greeted my entrance into the shop. I ignored the beaming smile from the rather jovial shopkeeper, and headed straight for the crisps. My hands closed in on a packet of prawn cocktail, but then hesitated, and moved towards the Monster Munch. "Maybe you should try Sensation crisp. Very nice!" said the shopkeeper in improper English, with a strong Indian accent. I looked at him, and finally agreed with his choice, and picked up a packet of Thai Sweet Chili. I limped over to the drinks area and placed my hand on a cool PowerAde, the blue flavor. I headed over to the counter, and paid for the crisps. He handed me over the change and I pocketed it, and opened the packet of crisps, and the aroma of the Thai Sweet Chili greeted my craving nostrils, and my hands grabbed one crisp, and tossed it towards my starved mouth. ...read more.


I just wanted to know whether the English coursework was meant to be double spaced." I was extremely confused, and it seemed that my face told, as I could feel my face creasing with embarrassment. "Ha, did you actually think that we were going to beat you up or something?" "No, no of course not," I said, trying to wave away this embarrassing moment, as just another event in my rather hectic day so far. I peered at his face, and then recognized him. "Oh yeah, and Obiora, we're not meant to make it double spaced, it's only one and a half line spacing. Safe." I turned away from him and started jogging back home, recollecting over the events of the past... I looked at the time, twenty three minutes past four. Fifty nine minutes, that was a new record for getting a packet of crisps. I ran back home and plumped my exhausted body onto the sofa, feeling like a rag doll. "Mum!!! I'm back!" I called, as I simultaneously reached for the television remote and turned on the TV. "You're back early, only one hour!" she replied. "Ah yes, only one hour in my life," I said to myself. Only one hour. ?? ?? ?? ?? H/W Two Groups of Hoodlums, and a Packet of Crisps 12 January 2009 Sakib Ahmed 10U ...read more.

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